DrawRace just appeared on the Top Paid iTunes Apps in the App Store, and so I took a look at it, noticed the introductory price of $1 and bought it there and then…


Name: DrawRace
Developer: RedLynx Ltd
Price: $0.99 (59p)
Size: 15.5 MB
Version: 1.0.5


The game is based on racing. You have to draw your racing line for your car, to get optimum speed an beat the opponent, whether its a CPU or a fellow human being.

When the game loads, you’re greeted with this menu, and if you’ve got your sound turned on, a very 1990s arcade music – The same type you’d hear if you got on a racing game at an Amusements Arcade somewhere. You might also hear it on the NES…


Game Modes

The game has 3 modes – One Player, Two Player and Three Player. In one player, you are up against a CPU car, whereas in 2 and 3 Player modes, you play against friends on the SAME iPod. Player 1 draws their racing line, then player 2 (without seeing the previous line, so no cheating can be done)

To quickly to make the car go fast, and draw slowly to make the car go slow or brake. I recommend going slow around bends, or you’ll lose valuable time.



This is the race interface. On the top, you’ll see the speed bar which gives you an indication of how fast you’d be driving as you’re drawing the line. The sound effects also help you, as fast drawing makes a strong and powerful revving sound, whereas slow drawing gives the gentle bubbling of an idling car.

If there are 5 laps in a race, as there are above, you have to draw 5 laps of the track. If you mess it up, you’re able to tap a redraw button which completely wipes all progress you’ve made in drawing, so you have to start again. I think you should be able to select which LAP you want to redraw, rather than having to start again: but if you’re in a 2 lap race, it’s not too hard to draw it all again.



In each mode, there are different types and amounts of levels. One Player (which is the one you’ll be playing the most) has got 20 levels – All of them different and all of them very fun to play. No repetition in this game!

The iTunes page also promises updates for free, so expect more levels soon and also some In-App purchases, I suspect. I’m personally hoping for the ability to edit your racer and car as well – Because although this small feature has nothing to do with gameplay at all, the ability to do it would just heighten the reasons to buy the game. Imagine if you could make a Darth Vader driver in a Batmobile-esque racer? Wouldn’t that alone be worth $1?

Myself, (being a Top Gear enthusiast) knows how to drive thanks to the Stig (duhh) so I know to cut on the apex of the track and to go fast on straights! At the end of the race, you get given the times of both players and if you’ve unlocked something, you get told that too.


Online Play?

In one player mode, you can upload scores to the online server and compare to people in the world. You get given a worldwide score, and then a percentage of how much better you are than the rest of the world.



After you’ve completed a race, you then have the option to play against another human – As the game saves the racing lines for all people who submit their scores online. Meaning that you can potentially race against thousands of new players by random! (especially good if the CPU is too easy for you!)



So a cheap app with loads of features and plenty more to come in the future. My verdict?

Overall Score


Graphics: The graphics are cartoony and simplistic. All menus are well presented and consistency is present throughout.
Audio: The arcade music and car noises are very good. You can’t yet play your own music (one of 3.0′s SDK features) but this app was released 2 weeks ago, so expect an update very soon.
Gameplay: Fun and addictive. Definitely worth the 9 out of 10.
Controls: Simple and innovative. You don’t race cars like in typical racing games… You draw an ideal racing line and then watch the cars go.
Replay Value: Pages and pages of levels to play, and 3 different modes to complete. Plus online scores and time trials mean you can replay over and over again.
Value For Money: $1 is amazing value for money. Get it before the price goes up! (as suggested on the iTunes app description)


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