As far as the functionality of Mac OS X applications go, DropZone rates highly in my eyes. It takes the, already quite useful, Dock and makes it that little bit better..

The name “DropZone” wasn’t the most… imaginative name possible! The app opens as an icon on the dock, and the user litteraly drops files onto the dock icon. After dropping particular files, a menu will appear giving the user options for what to do with these files.

As above in the image, you can drag a section of text over the dock icon and be presented with all 8 of those options, including adding it to Skitch! Which actually opens Skitch and throws the text onto the canvas. In the image, the text is being dropped onto “Share Text,” which adds the text to a .txt file, uploads it and automatically adds the URL of the upload to your clipboard, so you can easily paste it to friends to download.

You’re able to see a video and apply for a beta testing position at this link: – Looks like it’s gonna be a good application released in time for Snow Leopard!

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