hsecurityheadThe folks over at Hackulous, makers of Installous (the most common cracked application installer), have released a new application that is 100% legal (to everyone except Apple’s standards of course) and is helpful. Hackulous Security is the first actual third party firewall created for the iPhone OS. It’s main intent was to block out phishing sites claiming to be Hackulous, but it will also filter out Cydia/Installer Repositories that have proven to be malicious as websites that may contain and iPhone OS Virus. It’s great to see that even hackers from ‘the darker side’, for lack of a better word, are thinking of everyone here. Hackulous Security should become standard in the iPhone OS because of it’s capabilities. There are many websites aimed to harming iPhone/iPod Touch users by use of viruses (which there have quite a few attempts) and phishing websites geared for iPhone OS viewing. To install the firewall yourself, you must have a jailbroken device, and then add http://cydia.hackulous.us to your sources. Search for Hackulous Security and make sure to keep it updated!

9 Comments on “Hackulous Releases iPhone/iPod Touch Firewall”

  1. Chuck67322 says:

    Wow, this is revolutionary.

  2. Ipwnnubletz says:

    And this would be the excuse for adding the Hackulous repo.

  3. Exosion says:

    People that use cracked applications know how to do it and know where to get them. I really doubt this would change anything.

  4. KaBoom says:

  5. Manutdfan539 says:

    Someone else, “Whoa, how’d you get it so fast?” “It took me that long to install the repo!”
    Me: Ummm… *Shifty Eyes*

    Really though, I had no idea there even was an iPhone OS virus. What’s it do?

  6. Exosion says:

    Well I recall in the 1.1.x days that there were a few programs on Installer that were labeled as if they were McAfee iPhone OS Firewalls, but they were actually viruses. On the first gen 1.1.x firmwares, you could actually brick the device (no longer possible on 2.x) and the program supposedly did just that. There were also certain bugs in mobilesafari.app that opened holes to bugs. One bug was the TIFF exploit which was the original jailbreak method.

  7. Mike says:

    There are NO real iphone OS viruses.

    from hackulo.us/forums:
    “it will also search-and-destroy iPhone malware and (god forbid) viruses.”

    God-forbid, meaning, that there aren’t any viruses but god-forbid there are viruses in the future it’ll take care of it.

    The only “virus” was just a bad programming job: “113 prep”. When activated, it would print the word “shoes” to the screen. When you removed it, it deleted a few files from /bin.

  8. P0150N0U5 F15)-( says:

    This is mostly to stop ‘patheticboy’ or H-a-k-l-a-b from handing out viruses, and giving away to Apple. They will update it with other malicious repos, so I really recommend it.

  9. Abcmsaj says:

    iPhone OS is probably as immune to viruses as Mac OS X is…

    I think this firewall is probably malware itself… and it’s just going to delete things that Hackulous don’t want on there.

    Plus, aren’t Hackulous the bad guys in the iPhone App Store world??..