For you Mac users, Terminal may or may not be something you use on a day to day basis. But Terminal does have some cool features that can be used to amuse your friends or just help speed things up a little. Here’s a few of our favourites.

How to make your Mac sing/talk to you.

There are many ways you can get your Mac to sing or talk to you.

To the tune of “Pomp and Circumstance”

say -v good I’m an iPod Touch Fan la la la la la

Go ahead and try that. The command “say -v good” is the thing doing the singing.

To the tune of the death march.

say -v bad Zune stands no chance against my new iPod Touch

And those are the singing ones. Now if you just want your Mac to speak to you in one of its numerous voices (some Leopard only) here’s a list I’ve compiled with (what I think is) all of the voices available!

say -v Agnes Hello, I am Agnes.
say -v Alex Hello, I am Alex.
say -v Kathy Hello, I am Kathy.
say -v Princess Hello, I am Princess.
say -v Vicki Hello, I am Vicki.
say -v Victoria Hello, I am Victoria.
say -v Bruce Hello, I am Bruce.
say -v Fred Hello, I am Fred.
say -v Junior Hello, I am Junior.
say -v Ralph Hello, I am Ralph.
say -v Albert Hello, I am Albert.
say -v Bad Hello, I am Bad News.
say -v Bahh Hello, I am Bahh.
say -v Bells Hello, I am Bells.
say -v Boing Hello, I am Boing.
say -v Bubbles Hello, I am Bubbles.
say -v Cellos Hello, I am Cellos.
say -v Deranged Hello, I am Deranged.
say -v Good Hello, I am Good News.
say -v Hysterical Hello, I am Hysterical.
say -v Pipe Hello, I am Pipe Organ.
say -v Trinoids Hello, I am Trinoids.
say -v Whisper Hello, I am Whisper.
say -v Zarvox Hello, I am Zarvox.

Now go forth and use these! I’m trying to write a story in a txt file, which I can then get my Mac to read to me using this command:


5 Comments on “Things Terminal can do. #1 – Speak!”

  1. dpoony says:

    Haha, you put “I have a big penis la la la la la” in there. :P

  2. Abcmsaj says:

    I like it when my Macbook talks to me :)

  3. Chicken says:

    ROFL, I remember when you tweeted about it, I’ve loved it ever since that, I just mess about with it.

  4. anonymous says:

    One of the most basic things you should learn from the shell is that arguments MUST be quoted to avoid being interpreted as other arguments or so.

    The screenshot is full of parsing errors ¬¬

    That’s lame.

  5. Ipwnnubletz says:

    Lol@ the Japanese.