untitled-1Hey everyone, the new kid is here. My name is Will Smolen and I’m the newest edition to the HTiT team! I’m not going to take up a chunk of this article with personal information, so I’ll get to the point. A lot of people look for programs to take music from their iPod and insert it into iTunes. A common reason for this is a new computer was purchased, and people have no idea how to migrate their music over. There are several solutions available out there, but a lot of them requite you pay an unnecessary fee for their program. I recently came across a cross-platform program, completely freeware that allows you to do this. Pod To PC/Mac (Sorry Linux users!) is a program that will literally let you extract the music from your iPod to your computer at no charge! For those of you that have never had this problem, you have no idea how annoying it is to stand there and see that the only way to transfer your songs to your new computer was to pay an extra $30 for a program you will use only once in your life. To those that have had this problem, you probably wish you knew about this before. I hope this helps everyone in need, because it’s finally a nice, cross-platform and legal way to transfer your music from one computer to another!

2 Comments on “An Intro and a Tip!”

  1. The Swiftman says:

    If I had only seen this about a week ago….(my computer crashed, long story)

  2. james says:

    share pod is freeware and itsdoes the same thing and its been out for a while
    i used it already and its great