It’s hard to believe that we’re approaching 1 year since WWDC 08. It was an event that introduced us to the 3G iPhone, Firmware 2.0, App Store, and many other cool things. And here we are already, marking our calendars for the 2009 conference. Scheduled for June 8th to 12th, it’ll likely be another sold-out event – so get your tickets now. In fact, purchasing your tickets before April 24th saves you $300 off the normal $1595 ticket price.

WWDC 09 promises to be another exciting conference, but the big question is: will Steve Jobs be there? He’s missed the last two Apple events on a medical leave of absence. And another exciting thing to look forward to: will be see any new gadgets or other products to look forward to? Keep reading for our answers to those questions.

Are we Jobs-less?

Steve Jobs said that he’d be out until the “end of June,” but it would be a great surprise–almost expected–if he showed up just a few weeks earlier. It couldn’t be any better timing for Jobs, who would likely receive a standing ovation once he hit the stage. The WWDC 09 keynote that is. Jobs, CEO of Apple, hasn’t missed a keynote since the conference began back in 1996. Each year he’s been the one to show us something that made Apple fanboys’ mouths drop: from the Copland project to the iPhone 3G – he’s always been the one at center stage.

Steve Jobs took a medical leave of absence back in January, leaving Tim Cook to run the show while he was out of office. Tim Cook had previously filled in for Apple back in 2004, when Steve Jobs had surgery for pancreatic cancer. Since then, Apple has hosted two events in the CEO’s absence. Philip Schiller, who has been with Apple for over 17 years, was center stage for Macworld 2009. And more recently, Scott Forstall took the stage for the preview of iPhone OS 3.0.

What to expect?

It’s tough to predict what we will really see at this year’s conference, but it’s always nice to throw in a few predictions. WWDC 08 saw the duo of Firmware 2.0 and the iPhone 3G, which gives us an interesting clue. With the rumor about a new 3rd-generation iPhone on the way, and Firmware 3.0 scheduled for a June 2009 release: are we in for a mirror image of last year’s keynote?  A new iPhone, new firmware – it only makes sense to me. What do you think?

Generation iPod touch iPhone iPod nano
1st Sept. 2007 June 2007 Sept 2005
2nd Sept. 2008 July 2008 Sept 2006
3rd June 2009? Sept 2007
4th Sept 2008

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