It’s a fact: The gadget obsessed nerds (all of us) need protection in our lives to keep our gizmos in pristine condition, whether they’re your pride and joy, or you’re looking to sell them on in the future. iPods have cases. Hundreds upon hundreds of protective cases in leather, plastic, lint-free cloth – Even wood and metal (if you’re into that kind of stuff.)

I myself have loads of cases for both my Touches, in order to find the perfect case for your device to match your needs. But in this review, we’re going to break the boundaries of “iPod Touch” and move into the world of laptops. Because laptops need lovin’ too! I have an aluminum Macbook, and if it chips, scratches or scars in anyway – What a waste of money…

So I’ve been thinking – What do laptops have? Cases… yeah, but they’re for transporting and traveling places. What about when I’m using it? So for you frequent laptop users, I’ve got a few good products coming up this week – And here’s the first of them.

The “Haptique” is made of ABS plastic hardshell, and is finished with a “soft-touch coating.” It’s made by a company called Uniea, who are a tech-savvy company whose warehouse is based in Hong Kong, but their design team is in the USA. (Uniea stands for Universal Electronic Accessories, and that’s exactly what they deliver!)

Read the review of my Haptique case across the break.


There are forms of protection that suit different people. In my case, I use my Macbook every hour of every day of every week, and so the necessary protection is something hard, dust resistant, wipe-clean and colourful. Luckily, the Haptique matches these criteria.


Many people might argue that you buy a nice looking gadget to show off how nice it looks. The shiny, silver, aluminum; the Apple logo which lights up on the back; the battery indicator on the side. So if you cover it all up with a horrid black piece of plastic, it’s not going to comply with the thousands of _insert your currency here_ that you spent on it. However, Uniea have provided a very wide variety of colour choices, as shown below:

Luckily, there’s a 1 in 6 chance I’d be sent a pink one! Anyway, the choice of colours would give any potential buyer a hard choice in deciding whether they wanted a sexy red or mysterious black.


Providing top class protection is something that all cases need to live up to. Of course, it needs a tight fit and reliable thickness – and this is exactly what the Haptique offers. It’s a near all over-body case which protects all but the ports on the side, the fan on the back and the superdrive slot. 6 clasps attach the top half of the case to the lid of the laptop, and 3 clasps are on the bottom. They make a satisfying “CLICK” when they’re all in place, and they’re pretty hard to “accidently” take off, and if you need to take them off to clean underneath them, you develop a technique which involves a lot of shuffling and shimmying – and that’s how reliable it is.


As you can see above, all of the ports are open and available for use – And I tried to fit as many leads as I could in just to prove it! As for the drive on the other side:

Works as well as if it wasn’t covered – And it looks great with a layered effect: Blue, then silver inside, then the black. Anyone who pays that much attention to detail will appreciate that. You also won’t have any trouble opening the thing, because the thumbhole at the front isn’t obscured or covered over.


Basically – This is the same as your old Macbook – but added colour, protection and a bit of bulk makes it YOUR Macbook. Just touching on the bulk, it’s a tight fit getting it into my neoprene case, but it WILL fit. If you wanted a transportation case aswell, I’ve got another review coming up this week which fits the Haptique case perfectly! Stay tuned for it. Now, my analysis:

The Haptique adds a protective lining for your Macbook, which keeps it clean, safe and ventilates the back and base very well – to keep it cool too. The range of colours makes is personisable, and the functionality of your laptop isn’t hindered either.


  • Colourful
  • Protective
  • Suitable for light or heavy users
  • Cheap for what is offered


  • The base piece is a little loose in places, because it only has 3 clasps, so the side with all the ports on doesn’t sit as well as its opposite side.
  • The “feet” on the bottom are plastic. I use my Macbook on a glass surface and with the case on, it slips and slides very easily. I’d prefer it if it came with rubber feet, like Speck’s Satin (or just like the feet on the new Macbook!) But I’ve recently found cheap “non-slip” stick on things that I might give a try.

My overall rating is a biggg:

9 out of 10.

Find out about it at and comment below if you’ve bought one or want to know more questions. :)

- Alex.

2 Comments on “Uniea: The Haptique”

  1. Ian says:

    I’ve been using Spec Products’ See Tru Case on a ’07 MacBook from when the machine was new. Similar to this, very good protection as well

  2. brad says:

    My view on cases has always been to leave them off. Like you said before, I like to show off how it looks stock. Then if it got chipped or scratched I would put a case on it. I never understood the mentality that your protecting it from being scratched, because if your keeping a case on it, your not gonna see your gadget that isn’t scratched anyway.