If, like me, you scour the App Store for applications that would be useful in your life, you’d know by now that the competition for Twitter applications is a competitive business!

I’ve gone through Twitterific, Twinkle, a load of other free apps – But I think I’ve finally found the perfect app for your Tweeting needs…

Developed by the company “AteBits,” this app has had a lot of raving reviews lately, and Apple have realised this too!

Read more across the break to read my review, see some screenies and be in with a chance of winning a copy of the app!

Apple have placed a link on the front page of the iTunes store, for about a week now. Here’s what it looks like:

You know that when Apple make a big deal like this – The application is either making them a fortune or is very good! (or both)

Front Page

When you load up the app and sign into your Twitter account (did I mention you can monitor multiple accounts?), this is the first screen you’ll encounter:

You can clearly see all of the people you’re following, and their tweets. Your tweets are bright green and the avatars are rounded. Scroll up, and there’s a wheel which lets you refresh your tweets and see what’s new. It’s very simplistic to look at, but at the same time has many hidden features which make this the Twitter app to buy.

For example, swipe across any of your tweets and you’re greeted with this:

Look – I can now quickreply to Blake, view his profile or favourite the Tweet. When you tap on the profile icon, you’re taken to his profile inside the app, which shows you his recent Tweets, followers, followingers and much more.


How do you know when you’re being spoken to? What if you miss a stray Tweet in the night because your friend on the other side of the world sent you a Tweet at 3 in the morning? Tap the @Replies tab.

Anything with @Abcmsaj in is shown here, and again, I can swipe and quickreply to anything, scroll up and down to view others and even see replies from people I’m not even following!


You can even view your Twitter messages that you’ve sent and recieved, and delete them from within the application.

Much, Much More…

There’s so many more features that I haven’t got time to go over too. If you get this app, you’ll be playing with it for a couple of hours before you think you’ve mastered everything there is to learn – And then you’ll find some more the next time you turn it on!

For example, there’s a section which lets you see the most common phrases, words or hash tweets of the day:

It just so happened today that Wales lost the rugby (I’m still angry about it) and it’s FollowFriday! You can tap on any of the Trends to see tweets which contain the words – and that’s how you can meet new people!


My overall rating is a strong 9 out of 10. I’m also pretty sure there’s a theme you can change to which makes the app look like the SMS app on the iPhone. It’s definetly the strongest Twitter app on the App Store at the moment – And now you can win yourself a copy…


To win, all you have to do is get onto your Twitter account and send me an @Reply with a short reason why you should win the app! It could be something like this:

@Abcmsaj I want to win because my parents don’t let me buy apps!

@Abcmsaj I want Tweetie because I love Tweeting on the go!

But be creative and send one from your own brain! It MUST start with @Abcmsaj or it will not be counted as an entry. You’ll also need a valid US iTunes Account to redeem the code – But anyone can make one for free if you have Google skills!

Please leave comments and enter the contest if you want the app as much as I love it.

Buy it here if you don’t fancy your chances of winning a contest: iTunes Link.

Entries to the contest so far:

Contest closes Sunday the 15th March. :)

3 Comments on “Tweet, Tweet!”

  1. Jamie Maddocks says:

    Hehe yay I’m on one one of the screen shots, well thats my 5 minutes of fame. I’ll try that app as soon as I get my phone back :(

  2. Iván says:

    fuck… I’ve just saw this… well, giving it a try anyway!

  3. R.Biz says:

    Tweetie is good (better than twitterific at least, if you want all the extra crap) but Twittelator is even better. It has better browsing functionality and the option to view thumbnail pictures alongside regular tweets. Better!