Face it: giveaways are great. While you may not win all the time, winning the odd one is exciting – especially when you’ve got a chance at winning an iPod. The folks over at Turning Point, a debt settlement company, are giving away an iPod shuffle each Tuesday until March 3rd. And believe it or not, I’m entering this contest right now. No, I’m not filling out a form. I’m not filling out a survey or doing a promotion. In fact, you’re reading my entry as we speak. That’s because to enter the contest you need to write up a blog post or another blurb of some sort about their iPod giveaway.

Update: Well, it turns out that I’m not eligible after all as their rules state that you must be a US resident. That’s too bad for Canadians like myself. Take this into consideration when you’re entering!

13 Comments on “Win an iPod shuffle or touch!”

  1. israel says:

    i have a ipod touch and it was stolen and locked. Now that i have it back i do not know how to unlock it.

  2. Prashant Bansal says:

    Is that true really.
    Actually I am frm India and iphones do not work here
    So an apple ipod touch is better option than apple iphone

  3. malak el sebai says:

    i have an ipod touch and i forgot the password what shall i doooo plzzz telll meee?????

  4. tommy says:

    i think you should get an ipod touch because u can use it any ware and iphone are to fat lol

  5. Best iPod Touch Games says:

    That sucks…at least they could have allowed you to compete for the shuffle!

  6. george says:

    i really want an i touch because almost all my family has one
    and i need to get one p.s.there much cooler than any of them.

  7. Laura Spain says:

    I would love to win :)

  8. harry says:

    i love my ipod touch

  9. dillon says:

    can u give me an i pod touch plz

  10. dillon says:

    can i have an ipod touch

  11. jun c says:

    my ipod touch was stolen. what do i have to do? i know i cannot recover it anymore, i just want that no one will not able to use it, is it possible? please help…

  12. cslide says:

    Holy crap! That Picture of the Ipods was taken about a block from my house in san clemente, thats at the pier, in fact I know what house that is!

  13. Granco85ISF says:

    Makes me skeptical to giv out secret procedure to recover password on stolen Ipod? I wonder f u really the victim or the “stolee”