helpFor many, the iPod touch 2G jailbreak (aka redsn0w) can be a tedious task and – if you don’t know what you’re doing – can lead to a problem or two. Don’t frown though because thanks to many of our very helpful users at our forums iPod touch Fans, we have some great guides and tools for you to use that will help you along.

We’ll share them with you across the jump.

Our complete round-up of guides and tools can be found here and includes tutorials and jailbreaking tools for Windows and Mac users. There’s also some help for those who are running 64-bit Windows Vista, and for those who are running Linux. In fact, there’s even a German tutorial on redsn0w thanks to the user Nanobyte.

For those that don’t like to read (yet you’re this far into the post) or you just prefer a visual demonstration perhaps the video tutorials for Windows and Mac might help you out. They’re easy to follow and you might find them easier than following a written step-by-step tutorial.

Lastly, there’s many other helpful threads that might interest you once you have jailbroken. There’s a tutorial on how to add Installer, how to add WinterBoard without restarting, a complete jailbreak FAQ and more.

40 Comments on “Help with the iPod touch 2G Jailbreak”

  1. ricardo says:

    thank u

  2. Mike says:

    I Highly Suggest RedTool!
    It’s simple and straightforward.
    If you haven’t Jailbroken yet, it’ll help you with that, and if you have you can use it to boot. I’ve been using it for about 2 days now, and i can honestly say it works wonders

  3. Susan Brock says:

    Was able to get my new iPod Touch 2g jailbroken with redfirefox jailbreak. I tried several others but it was the only one that I could get a good DFU in.

  4. sku says:

    yeah i tried the teathered jailbreak and it fucked up my ipod i tried rebooting it it dont work is fucked up thank you for fucking my ipod 2g

  5. James says:

    Serves you right sku.. The Dev team said not to attempt a jailbreak unless you knew what you were doing. It’s nobodys fault but your own.

    If you calm down for a bit and head over to iPodTouchFans and read a few threads you’ll realize that you iPod is not f**ked.. Figure it out or kindly ask for help, but don’t blame others for your mistakes.

  6. grd94533 says:

    It’s not anyone’s fault that you’re too stupid to figure it out. There are so many instructions for dummy’s out there right now even a retard would be able to do it.

  7. mat says:

    uhhh,man i have NO idea how to jailbreak my ipod touch 2nd gen 2.1.1:(

  8. JohnL says:

    Here mat,
    That’s how I jailbroke my Touch. Very, very simple if you follow the instructions carefully.

    Also, if you check out the link that Kiks52 posted above – the one with the videos – you WILL be able to JB your iPod no problem.

  9. nemof says:

    Can someone explain what tethered means, and also whether a simpler jailbreak method will soon be available? I am comfortable doing stuff like this, but would prefer something quick and simple if it’s going to be published soon.

  10. Seamus says:

    I was downloading the things it said to after clicking the windows vista link, after the second one and it crashed my computer now it starts up and then the screen goes black be I can’t fix it. Any ideas please email Please help. Also I am using my iPod for this so if the typing isn’t too great that is why

  11. connor says:

    what is the difference between the semi tethered and the tethered on redsnows website?

  12. jake says:

    the main difference between teathered and semi-tethered is if ur ipod crashes you dont have to use a computer to turn it back on

  13. Rajbir says:

    I tried the red snow tethered jailbreak but it doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t create custom Fw

  14. spike says:

    u r one rude dude. peeps like u are why its hard to get help for some peeps.
    Nearly all are devoting their time for free just to contribute to the community.
    shame on you. loose the attitude

  15. mike says:

    so the 2nd gen can be cracked now???? im just curous because i was thinking about buying one.

  16. imad says:

    i jailbroke my ipod touch 2g by cyw00d jailbreak helper.and iTS FINE AND COOL IT ONLY NEED A ONE CLICK ON COMPUTER FOR IT TO REBOOT NORMALLY

  17. imad says:


  18. Dylan says:

    Can someone help me jailbreak my itouch 2g my s/n is raiderproperty43
    Plzz ive been waiting forever

  19. F6F Freak says:

    Try goggling Goofball.exe if tethered, Decovery, if semi-tethered.

  20. F6F Freak says:

    BTW, dylan, here is the beat tutorial I have ever seen. It is for semi-tethered.

  21. sener says:

    what is the difference between tethered and semi-tethered

  22. Nivwk says:

    hella jailbroke my 2g
    its really not that complicated
    and i also found a way to take my ipod outta dfu mode when it wasnt connected to my comp
    if u have any questions reguarding the jailbreak
    email me at

  23. alen says:

    i try to jailbreak my touc but i did something wrond.Now i have only black screen with :BSD root:md0, major 2,minor 0

  24. leslie says:

    I jailbroke my ipo touch 2g now it wont tur on, also I try to restore and re boot and nothung…Please HELP!

    shoul I take it to apple store?

  25. leslie says:

    I have the same problem as Alen, just blak screen HELP!!!!!

  26. alen says:

  27. remy says:

    i jailbroke my ipod using cywood and it was working for a week nd all of a suddin it just shut off. i tried rebooting it nd it didnt work. i cant even put it in dfu mode. i need expert help please. email-

  28. alacard says:

    use cywood to jailbreak ipod 2g, make sure u have ur ipod to version 2.2.1 and download firmware 2.2.1, it worked for me, ur on ur own from here

  29. koekjestrommel says:

    Cyw00d worked great for me. Still, gonna keep it non-jailbreaked cuz it’s annoying whenever you gotta restart or anything :)

  30. kmankx says:

    i want to jailbreak my ipod touch 2g but ive never jailbroken an ipod any suggestions

  31. Motomi says:

    Hey i used redsnows unoffical and my IPOD IS STUCK

    in black screen after part 4 :S

  32. Motomi says:

    What to do PLEESE HELP!

  33. matas says:

    im not a retard, a pretty skilled hacker with phones, ipods are different, i tried jailbreakin mine moths ago several times and it didnt work help me out, email at: for help

  34. Alex says:


    ive tried for ages now…trying to jasilbreak my ipod touch 2.2.1 and i have had no luck what so ever..please help me,

    its making me abit annoyed that everyone else is getting it :(
    thank you if you can help

  35. mike says:

    I’m attempting to use cyw00d’s jailbreak helper for 2.2.1. when he says, “black screen, nothing more” does he mean, just an iTunes logo with a USB pointing up or just an Apple logo or no logo at all? I can’t get into DFU mode with absolutely nothing on the screen. When I click on “Upload DFU file” and “Upload own patch” the command prompts flash, as if they’re terminating without doing anything.

    This may be a stupid question, but when once I start up in DFU mode, is my previous 2.2.1 totally lost? Does 2.2.1 have to be on my ipod touch before I attempt this, not just recovery?

    Thanks for any help

  36. spex says:

    hey can eny body help me out with jail bracking my ipod touch plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i have been trying to do this for 2 weeks now plzzzzzzzzzzz if any body can help me out i would rely like it plzzzzzzzzzz

  37. spex says:

    or u can just call me at 702 672 6848 but plzzzzzzzzzzz if any body can help me just hit me up i dont cear what time it is thank u very much

  38. ipod help says:

    It’s worth adding that if your iPod refuses to go into Disk Mode and you hear a noticeable clicking sound, it’s likely a faulty hard drive. If the unit is a Fourth Gen, however, the problem might just be corrosion on the HDD cable and will need cleaned periodically. Good luck & I hope this helps.

    ipod help

  39. Jordan Turner says:

    I suggest red tool if your doing the teathered jailbreak because it is VERY SIMPLE and if your ipod wont turn on at all for some reason (it happend to me) then you can just click the “boot”" button that is on it and BAM its fixed.. my 10 year old brother did it by himself
    If you want the unteathered then do quickfreedom

  40. The light says:

    That’s what’s up we all coming together to help those who need it keep up the good work and I’m waiting to get a hold of a computer and I’ll hack mine but oh yea is there any way to make the touch 2gen into a phone