thumbupdownEarlier today, the iPhone Dev Team released their tethered jailbreak for the iPod touch 2G. The big question now is: do you attempt at jailbreaking now or wait in hopes that an untethered jailbreak will be released in the coming weeks? It’s a hard decision, but one that you might find easier to make once you realize the difficulty level that the tethered jailbreak tags along with it. I’ll explain across the jump.

We went over the read me for this tethered jailbreak, named redsn0w lite, and it requires many steps to jailbreak including FirmwareBundles and custom firmware files (.ipsw). The iPhone Dev Team is taking no responsibility for this jailbreak and any problems that may occur, and labeled it as use at your own risk. They’re also not offering any support for this tethered jailbreak, so iPhone Dev won’t be answering any questions you may have about the tethered jailbreak. The bottom line is that they will not be liable for any damage to your iPod touch 2G, and that they warned you before-hand.

That may turn most people off, but for those that know what they are doing this might be exactly what they’ve been waiting for. You may have to jailbreak your iPod touch each time you turn it on, but it gives those with an iPod touch 2G a glimpse of the jailbreaking scene, and what to expect if an untethered jailbreak is released down the road.

“This is for Mac only” said iPhone Dev, “but you should be able to find (or work out on your own) how to do it on Windows or Linux too.” And only a few hours later, AriX from Chronic Dev has already released instructions on how to jailbreak using Windows. You can find those instructions over at our forums, iPod touch Fans.

31 Comments on “To Jailbreak or not”

  1. Brian says:

    Im not unless i get a perfect video of someone doing it or very detailed instructions.

  2. sku says:

    yup me either better to wait

  3. CMH says:

    Brian I just finished jailbreaking my 2g and it works fantastic. I used this link and it only took me about an hour. if you do decide to use it, make sure that when you put your 2g in DFU mode that you get a white screen. And always close iTunes when it comes up, which by the way can get annoying

  4. Mike says:

    Listen, i did do it… I have a Jailbroken iPod touch 2G, But it took me 5 hours, and its pretty tedious, if you have a PC it’s especially hard. I NEVER thought i’d say that! xD

  5. Trippy-D says:

    it took me a while to get it working, but now i bet it would take me like 15-20 mins if i do someone elses. i thought it was pretty easy to tell you the truth, you just have to make sure you follow the steps.

    I pretty much think that the dev teams over exaggerated about the risks. just try not to let it die, an stop usin it when it says low battery 10%

  6. Edgar Buro says:

    Could someone make a step by step video on youtube or something?

  7. Dude245 says:

    Its not really THAT hard…. alot of copy and pasteing, good tut here

    *Sucessfull 2g Jailbreaker*

  8. OlsonBoy says:

    Yea, I dont want to take the risk and screw my iPod…
    Could someone please put up a video tut?

  9. Erik (sprint_user) says:

    I’ll wait for a non tethered, too much hassle to get themes and emulators :(

  10. Anyone says:

    I got it ! Jailbroken IPod 2g all is working !!

    Only Mobile Stack seams to be a littel Buggy on the 2g



  11. OlsonBoy says:

    Im stuck on step 11. When I enter the “iRecovery -f iBSS211.dfu” command, it says the side-by-side function doesnt work. Do anybody know what to do?

  12. OlsonBoy says:

    I mean step 10

  13. Moose says:

    Everyone there is a program that does it for you here:
    Thi s what I used it was easy.

    There is also a GUI Version (If you don’t know what that is yu should be using it) I havent tested it but it most likely works:

  14. Demetrius says:

    Everyone who needs help go to and sign up and read and follow the directions of the tut and also you can use that message board for the correct advice by others they helped me use it

  15. Dude245 says:

    In my previous post there is links to all the files you need, including c++ for the side by side errors

  16. kyle says:

    I had done everything perfectly on my mac up until i tried to run ./rslite and i got a bus error……..DAMNNN!!!

  17. OlsonBoy says:

    Thanks, im gonna try it again after school. By the way, do I NEED iTunes to do this jailbreak? I ran a backup on my sisters computer in iTunes, but I dont have permission to install anything on her computer. By the way, im runing xp and my sisters is running vista.

  18. OlsonBoy says:

    Forget about my last comment…

    Now, when I try to restore to the custom firmware,
    iTunes get error 1601

    Any ideas what to do?

  19. OMG! says:

    how do u get rid of the bus error plz!!!!

  20. ~Austin~ says:

    Ye so whats its a little hard guys come on. YOU cant brick and ipod! To get an ipod to never work again you would have to directly be trying to brick it. I did it and now i cant leave without my ipod. so in conclusion jailbreak it or wait maby a month or two for an untethered version.

  21. Retro349 says:


    Tethered jailbreak is better than no jailbreak.

  22. Nickolas says:

    Hey guys,
    listen – I jailbroke my 2g ipod and I’m an average joe, seriously. If you follow the instructions for redsn0w lite VERY VERY carefully it will work, believe me. I know very little about coding, and I did it by simply reading the directions super carefully. You don’t have to understand it like they might claim, don’t be deterred by the sites that say things like “if you don’t know what tethered means BEWARE!!!” While it’s true that you must be careful, it is not impossible, follow the directions and it is entirely possible, believe me. I know if I can do it, I’m certain ANYONE can. Good luck guys!

  23. Russ Dyer says:

    Not for me yet… but when an untethered mode appears count me in !

  24. frenk says:

    To those getting the bus error on mac im no expert but it sounds like you didn’t install “libusb”

    I get rslite to recognize the iPod in DFU mode and no probs on the other parts, however, on trying to send the first .dfu file rslite tells me “cannot open file”. I take this to mean that I’m not putting it in the right location (I have it in the same folder as rslite). Can anyone help out? Cheers

  25. Zeraw says:

    Worked very well for me. Just be sure to follow all the instructions in order and you should be fine with this method.

  26. lwierd says:

    Ok, Guys I “bricked” my iPod 2g by accident just because I wanted to re-jailbreak it for installer as well as cydia. It can get annoying to have to boot up the iPod with the computer if tethered but, everything on it works just fine (I couldn’t get appflow to work though) but you SHOULD wait. (P.S. I REALLY need help fixing my iPod)

  27. Spencer Price says:

    I wouldn’t jailbreak again, I have a 1g touch that just updated to 2.2.1 , I balanced the risks & rewards, just know this, once jailbroken apple do not cover the iPod, if you ever have a problem you are screwed completely.

  28. pmanwarren123 says:

    hey guys google jailbreak automated or redsnow automated worked for me. dont work on vista 64 had torebiuld but worked on xp

  29. pmanwarren123 says:

  30. mooreerc says:

    hey i have a jailbreak ipod i like it but i can not get the apps i want i want to get it off does anyone no how to get it off?

  31. ipod touch says:

    I have jailbreak my ipod touch 2g , but after i restore the coustom firmwire 2.2.1 and finish, but i can’t make Tethered Boot … my ipod is only dead…
    i can’t turn it on…
    anyone can help me??? plz