Rumours have been flying left, right and center lately, as MacWorld’s over and we’re preparing for a potential Apple event in the middle of the year. Another rumour has hit the shelves this week: Apple are planning to add a “Premium Games” section to their Application Store.

An unnamed game-publisher rep has stated that Apple have started to prep developers for “PSP-Quality” games which will cost $19.99 each.

Of course, this could be a possible reason for rumours of Multi-Core Processors in the next gen of both iPod Touch and iPhone.

The way it would work, is that it would only be open to selected game devs that Apple choose – Meaning there’ll be no flashinglight-esque games on the premium section.

Would you pay $19.99 for a game from Apple? Would these premium games be longer, better and have more features than what’s currently available on the App Store? Rolando – potentially the best game for the iPhone platform recently – was amazing, but short for the price it costed.

Leave your comments below. We’d love to know how you’d feel if a $19.99 game category were created.

11 Comments on “Premium Games on the App Store”

  1. OVERPRICED says:


  2. Al says:

    WAY TO MUCH FOR A GOOD GAME… Now if it were a game that would be released on the XBox or something like that… COD, World of Warcraft, etc. then maybe 20 bucks is a great price

  3. mooseinabox says:

    I would really have to think about it if I ever bought one. Meaning, I would watch every review ever made, and try to get my paws on the game from a friend or something.

  4. Kiks52 says:

    Bottom line: $19.99 is TOO EXPENSIVE.

  5. Hi! says:

    No, not for a game, Im cool with just the frees. Then again, I wouldn’t pay 20 bucks for a REAL PSP game either. I’m not much of a gamer, I geuss. What I’d want is a premium other apps section for the best iPod software like the best rdp apps and stuff.

  6. Manutdfan539 says:

    This will just lead to constant app cracking and more problems in that field. Is Apple really that dumb?

  7. Aaron says:

    For me personally, I have trouble justifying buying a five dollar game, let alone a twenty dollar game ; so for me, no thanks

  8. pignosepower240 says:

    i would pay 20 for a really good game. yes. i hope they make some $20 apps that really harness the iphones potential.

  9. mat says:

    humm,i probaly would not buy it unless it it hade 5 stars from everyone and it would have to be REALLY cool with like a 785569487566545643675395 features.But i the iphone/ipod just are not big enough to play any real psp games

  10. Brett says:

    I think if it is psp like quality which if people buy psp games I don’t understand why any one wouldn’t buy these
    Personally I will wait and see if the quality lives up to it’s reputation
    And if these new premium games live up to their reputation I will purchase but it will be amazing to see for an example burnout or a game of that quality so my hopes for these games to become avalible for purchase are as of now yes I may not agree with the others but in time the only opinion that matters is the costumer which I am
    It would be amazing to see halo like quality on the psp in the near future
    P.s. THE 2G JAILBREAK IS OUT Anyone know how to do this? Haha

  11. Zaph says:

    Well, I can certainly see myself not buying one of those games. I have a DS, on which I have several “premium” games, so I’ll stick to that. Even if I didn’t, however, I would not purchase a $20 title that I could only play on one device. Jobs need to realize that people want their games to be usable on more then one device, like with any computer game. Just uninstall there and re-install somewhere else. This is only possible on my iPod if I totally nuke it and restore another one with it’s file.