The iPhone Dev-Team’s various web pages have seen a flurry of updates in the last few hours in what appear to be final hints of a forthcoming iPod touch 2G jailbreak. Check out the full write-up over at iPod touch Fans.

19 Comments on “The Hackers Win Again: iPod touch 2G Jailbreak Imminent”

  1. Dude245 says:

    Awsome….just Awsome

  2. rileyman says:

    this just proves that chronic dev area bunch of noobs who dont know what they are doin

  3. Xerodemolp says:

    Cheonic dev teams not bad. They knew what they were doing they just didnt get it as fast as these guys did. Props to chronic

  4. Kiks52 says:

    Rileyman, so not true!

  5. Dude245 says:

    All respects to chronic but the iphone dev team did this in an hour they said they doubled the time they worked on it(30 min)and found an exploit

  6. proof says:

    A few days ago a new domain appeared to be attached to that was given to Dev-Team, which left an image but no clue was more recently Dev Team issued the following:

    * A Nuclear Weapon
    * It is not an episode of unknown dimensiĆ³nn “The Twilight Zone”
    * Neither is related to 3G at the moment
    * What is on another device
    * What is a device that goes into your pocket

    Subsequently updated the image presented by the following:


    Where and added a hash in the center of a chip, the chip is one of those coming in under the iPod Touch 2G.

    This hash is only able to get through an exploit, and exploit such comments as he was found by chance and may be used for the iPhone 3G.

    According to go find more stories you the respect we show here.

  7. sku says:

    who know when is their gonna be one for the 2g 2.2

  8. Dude245 says:

    There will be one the same day as the 2.1 itsa all the same. For 2.2 u will have to go to DFU mode and then the program will uplaod some file from 2.1 and enable the exploit… just 1 less step for those on 2.1.1

    Still waiting for the sn0w

  9. sku says:

    i dont get u by dfu mode wats that pls help me and what do u required to jailbreak it?

  10. Dude245 says:

    DFU mode is a recovery setgting thing. You have to hold like the home button and the power button for a while (youtube) anyways when redsn0w comes out the iphone dev team will have instructions

  11. sku says:

    so by when u think it will be able to get that? can u download the programs here were its safe becouse theirs lots of idiots in youtube ?

  12. Dude245 says:

    3 days mabye? i dunno mabye sunday or monday…. we just dont know

  13. Dude245 says:

    Video is out now…

  14. ria says:

    what is jailbreak and redsnow ya’ll are talkin about?

  15. sku says:

    dude 245 where can we find the video at

  16. Dude245 says:

    The Iphone Dev team blog has videos on it…also the twitters and lots and lots of comments (some form dev team) they will be in gold bars

  17. sku says:

    ok thanks

  18. Sluser says:

    I cant wait to play pokemon on my ipod

  19. Maccie says:

    haha, me to