After much user feedback, Hack the iPod touch is proud to announce that we will be bringing you App Store reviews – for both free and paid applications. You can find the App Store reviews page here, and keep checking back for the latest reviews. First up: Cro-Mag Rally.

Type of Application: Racing Game
Price: $1.99
Multiplayer: No
Developers: Pangea Software

Cro-Mag Rally is a stone age themed racing game where you race through different tracks including the Desert, Jungle, Medieval and Atlantis. There are 9 tracks to choose from and 11 vehicles. Each race is 3 laps long and you play against 3 computers.

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There are two modes that you can choose from which are race and gather. If you choose race, you’ll go through a normal race, 3 laps, against 3 computers. You’ll finish the race 1st to 4th depending on how well you do throughout the race. If you choose gather, you’ll go through the same race, 3 laps against 3 computers, but will have to collect arrowheads along the way. To collect the arrowheads you just drive over them. The amount of arrowheads you collected are shown to you at the end of the race.

Before beginning the race, you have to select a track you’ll use to race on. There’s many including Desert, Jungle, Great Wall and Atlantis. Next, choose the vehicle you want to race with. You can choose from many different ones including the Mammoth Mobile, Bone Buggy, Turtle Tank and Trojan Horse. Each vehicle has a different speed, acceleration, traction and suspension. It’s best to choose a vehicle that is balanced.

Lastly, you choose whether you are a male (brog) or female (grag).

Once you’ve chose your track, vehicle and character you’re ready to race. After the countdown, the race starts. To drive forwards you hold down F and to reverse you hold down R. These are both found on the bottom left of the screen beside the circular rock icon, which can be pressed to brake. Also shown at the top of the screen is what position you are in and which lap you are on.

I highly recommend that if you purchase this application you go to the settings right away. This is because the game is sensitive and you might want it adjusted through the settings to really enjoy the game. Also, this is where you select the difficulty you want the computers to be during the race. You can choose easy, medium or hard. It’s set to easy as default and I recommend leaving it on this difficulty just to get the feel for the game.

Throughout the race, there are several items that you can pick up such as power-ups and weapons. Some weapons that can be used throughout the game include bones, roman candles, freeze bombs and bottle rockets. These weapons can be used and/or thrown to knock other opponents off of the track. On the other hand, powerups such as lightning bolts help you speed up and get an edge on other opponents. Powerups can also slow down other opponents rather than speed yourself up.

To throw weapons, use the bone that is located on the bottom right of the screen. The up arrow can be used to throw the weapon forwards, such as a bone, and the down arrow can be used to throw the weapon backwards.

Overall, Cro-Mag Rally is a great racing game with average graphics. It’s a fun game to play, and challenges you by offering you levels of difficulty. Start at easy and work your way to the top. But if you’re looking for a more realistic racing game rather than a cartoon-like one, there’s other options like Asphalt 4: Elite Racing or Ferrari GT for you to take a look at. But other than that, this game is a good one and I recommend it to you.

Hack the iPod touch gives Cro-Mag Rally ratings of:

  • Gameplay: 9/10
  • Graphics: 8/10
  • Overall: 8.5/10

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