The iPhone Dev Team released two methods of jailbreaking Firmware 2.2 yesterday. PwnageTool for Mac, and QuickPwn for both Mac and Windows. Of these three, we’ll take a step-by-step look at how to jailbreak Firmware 2.2 using QuickPwn on Windows.

Before following these steps, make sure you have installed QuickPwn 2.2 on to your PC. You can download QuickPwn 2.2 as a torrent here, and mirrored downloads are available here or here.

Read on for complete instructions on jailbreaking Firmware 2.2 with QuickPwn.

Note: We’ve received many comments about the new 2nd-generation iPod touch and we’d like to note that this program cannot jailbreak the new iPod touch. There are no ways to jailbreak the new iPod touch yet.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:

If you have followed the steps correctly, you’ve now jailbroken your iPod touch or iPhone on Firmware 2.2. If you would like to express your thanks towards this jailbreaking method, you should drop a thank you note on the iPhone Dev Team’s blog for all their hard work and dedication towards these jailbreaking methods.

108 Comments on “Jailbreaking Firmware 2.2 with QuickPwn”

  1. Fran says:

    You guys are great


  2. Kiks52 says:

    Thanks Fran, it’s appreciated.

  3. brak says:

    Hello! I have

  4. Kiks52 says:

    You have what?

  5. stwaven says:

    i keep getting firmware error string.. its the correct firmware to

  6. aaron says:

    i have a gen. 1 iphone. I jailbroke it with ziphone jailbrake.
    i want to updated it now but how do I back up my contacts?. also is the jailbreak working for the 2.0 application with out any major problems


  7. Kiks52 says:

    Aaron, your contacts won’t be deleted when you update so you don’t have to worry about backing them up.

    And yes, the jailbreak is working on 2.0 without any major problems!

  8. joeneedshelp says:

    How do you find the firmware when you hit browse on step two the firmware i have is 2.1.1

  9. Warchief says:

    I’m gettin the error also, but I figured it is 2nd gen touch….. right?

  10. Kiks52 says:

    joeneedshelp, you have the new iPod touch which can’t be jailbroken yet. Sorry!

    And warchief, if you have the new 2nd-gen iPod touch like I said above – can’t be jailbroken yet!

  11. the monkey man says:

    when will the the 2g be able to be jailborken

  12. warchief says:

    do you think you can email me when the hack comes out for 2nd gen…… in alot of training….not alot of time to check the web for it?

  13. Kevin says:

    I’m still having the same problems from which I had trying to jailbreak 2.1. I get up to the part where it says something about the recovery mode. Then it just never proceeds to the next step. I’ve seen many cases of other people having the same issue but nobody seems to come up with a solution. Any suggestions?

  14. Kiks52 says:

    the monkey man, it’s not known yet. The iPhone Dev Team is who releases the tools/ways to jailbreak, and they are focusing on unlocking the 3G iPhone before they focus on jailbreaking the new 2nd-gen iPod touch.

    Sure warchief, that’s no problem!

    And Kevin, are you talking about the step in QuickPwn where you have to hold down the power button and home button for a certain amount of time?

  15. VIctor C Perez says:


    I followed all the steps and after all its said and done the Cydia and Installer icons are not there.

    Also, when it tells you to hold Home buttom for 30 seconds, when it countdowns to 20 it jumps to the next step , which is the Jailbreak process. Do i keep on pressing the home buttom still? Even if there are still 20 seconds remaining for me to count?

    Please help!


  16. Kevin says:

    i’m talking about the step where it reboots into recovery mode. then Quickpwn kinda just stalls out after the ipod reboots. my computer recognizes my ipod in recovery mode but quickpwn doesn’t proceed with the putting it into dfu mode.

  17. Kiks52 says:

    After your iPod touch reboots into recovery mode, you need to hold down the home button until the timer runs out in QuickPwn, and the other steps until the timer runs out.

    Then it will begin jailbreaking.

  18. janiko55IPOD Lover says:

    hey thanks
    ithink you all have agree with me when i say
    The DEV Team rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Its very easy to jailbrak an ipod but the dev team really worked hard on this quick pawn
    thanks to dev team
    PS: my englich is not very good^^

  19. wataru says:

    why my ipod touch 1st gen stuck at the aplle logo and kept rebooting?

  20. Kevin says:

    So only the first step stays highlighted and no timer comes up. It never moves on beyond that step even if i try manually putting it into dfu mode

  21. Rsp says:

    I know a lot of people ask this, but, isnt there an aproximation to the release date of a jailbreak for iTouch 2g?!

  22. zmei says:

    To Kevin. Hi. I have same problem. Any ideas?

  23. biscuits says:

    hey i do it right but then when i select the ipsw it say “firmware error string” wats wrong with it?

  24. Harlan says:

    I’m haveing the exact same problem and it’s not getting fixed.
    Any suggestions guys?

  25. jame says:


  26. dan says:

    hey why cant i jailbreak my 2 gen, did they not figure it out yet and will they?

  27. Scotch says:

    d whole process was simple enugh …. i had v1.1 (1st gen ipod touch 8gb) ….. so i downloaded v2.0 frm mininova (torrent #1589852) & upgraded to that 1st & thn upgraded 4 free using itunes to v2.2 & thn jailbroke it wit quickpwn. …. no probs at all ….. bloody simple

  28. Kiks52 says:

    Dan, there is no way to jailbreak the 2nd gen iPod touch yet because the iPhone Dev Team hasn’t worked on a way yet. They are first working on an unlock for the iPhone 3G and then they will begin to work on the jailbreak.

  29. sol says:

    Works great.
    Thanks a lot!

  30. Jordan says:

    you guys are doing a great job with all this, so thumbs up on that. i know this because i see all of my friends have there iphones jailbroken. they bug me like crazy because i have the ipod touch 2G and i cant get it pwned. so if u guys could find a way that would be awesome lol.

  31. Ubik says:

    @wataru and Harlan,
    had the same situation, on ipod touch 1st gen, problem booting up after ‘succesful’ pwnage,
    Well for me the cause seemed to be my other applications from the AppStore – so after two unsuccessful attempts I did a clean 2.2 manual restore but didn’t sync any other stuff. Just in case I moved all icons to first screen (probably irrelevant). This time the ipod booted OK, and now happily synching my apps and music onto it. Hope this helps someone! Cheers.

  32. darkozz says:

    Hum.. does not work with ipod touch fw v2.0 guess i have to download update 200ish mb :( with very slow internet connection. I have also tried using QuickPwn 2.5 but doesnt work also. If you are on v2.0 just update to v2.2 this will save alot of time.

  33. Kiks52 says:

    Dan, they aren’t working on a jailbreak for the 2nd gen iPod touch right now because their focused on unlocking the 3G iPhone first.

  34. richard says:

    Kiks52 can u send me an email too when ever the hack comes out for 2nd gen

  35. Kiks52 says:

    Sure thing Richard!

  36. Luke says:

    can u please send me an email when the hack comes out for 2nd gen


  37. raul says:

    My ipod touch does not power anymore after using Pwnage Tool. Help!

  38. raul says:

    Oooppss pls ignore my previous message. it’s powered now.

  39. jgeezy says:

    when i get to step 6 my 3g 16 g gets stuck on the first step ( waiting for phone to connect in recovery mode) ive gotten stuck with this step over 5 times and i have to continuously restore my phone please helpppp

  40. David says:

    Can some one help me? When I try it Quickpwn just stops at the Browse for Firmware screen. The picture of the ipod doesn’t show up and I can browse for the firmware but it doesn’t do anything (the arrow doesn’t turn blue). I’ve tried redownloading the firmware and QuickPwn but its not working.

    I have 2G iPod Touch.

  41. Jinx says:

    hey, just so you know quickpwn can now jailbreak the new ipod touch 2nd gen ^_^

  42. bob says:

    i am having the same problem as many of the people where it gets to step 6 (i think) and just gets stuck on the first step and doesnot reconize it so it will not go into DFU mode

  43. Kiks52 says:

    Jinx, no it can’t. QuickPwn is a tool by iPhone Dev, and they aren’t even working on a jailbreak method for the 2nd-gen iPod touch.

    Bob, have you tried to manually put it into DFU Mode?

  44. says:

    hey i also would like to be emailed when the hack for 2gen ipod touch is released thankin you lookin forward to it!!

  45. kevin says:

    i have the same problem as Kevin up there. QuickPwn hangs at the “Wait for your ipod to connect in restore mode” part. Either that, or after the process my ipod doesn’t start up (stuck at boot screen). Please help Kiks52!

  46. joe says:

    Kiks, i have a question that i’m sure is answered here but cannot find. I am trying to quickpwn my iphone first gen 2.1 firmware on windows vista, to unlock and jailbreak but i keep getting stuck in recovery mode and it never moves on to the countdown steps, i have jailbroken my old phone before and never had a problem i was wondering if you could help me.


  47. Deepu says:

    I have first gen Iphone with 2.0 firmware.
    I am using QuickPwn2.2 and when I browse to the 2.0 firmware, it keeps giving me the error “Firmware error string”.
    What is the issue? and How do I proceed further?
    Please help.

  48. Kiks52 says:

    Johnmurphy, I’ll send you an email when the time comes.

    Kevin, open up iTunes and make sure it recognizes your device before going through this QuickPwn process. Leave iTunes open and then open up QuickPwn and go through the steps. Make sure you don’t ever unplug your iPod from your computer at any time during the QuickPwn process, and when QuickPwn tells you to turn it off, turn it off. Don’t unplug it instead. Good luck.

    Joe, I’ve heard that others who have had this problem with their iPhones have removed their SIM Cards and gone through the jailbreaking process over again with success. So hopefully this will work for you! Good luck.

    Deepu, you should upgrade to the latest firmware, 2.2, through iTunes by clicking the Update button when you have your iPhone plugged in to your computer. The Update button can be seen once you select your iPhone from under the Devices menu (left hand side of iTunes). Otherwise, download an earlier version of QuickPwn to jailbreak Firmware 2.0, if this still doesn’t work for you.

  49. Nicholas says:

    How long would it take to jailbreak, the “Uploading exploit bootloader” is taking over 20mins?

  50. punky196 says:

    I tried to jailbreak using pawnage. I got all the way throught untill the screen said to wait until the unit rebooted in its new modified state. It was on the black screen with the apple logo and that is where it staied fro hours.. beeping and vibrsating. I turned the unit off and it comes back up on the same screen. Itunes will not reconize my pnone because I have to enter a pass code. can not enter code with the apple screen showing, so can not restore using itunes, help please…

  51. Energy says:

    Were should we look for announcement when the jailbreaking for the 2gen iPod happens?


  52. Kiks52 says:

    Energy, we’ll for sure make a post about it!

  53. coolcole93 says:

    hey, thanks for this guide!

    But I have a problem that I can’t seem to fix. I can open u QuickPwn fine and it recognises my iPod Touch 1st Gen ok, but it can’t find the firmware. I have tried browsing to put it in manually but I have no idea where it would be saved. Any ideas?

  54. Ruby says:

    Hi Kiki52

    I am having the same problem that Kevin is having and I have read you advice on fixing it, however after I open itunes and then open quickpwn quickpwn automatically closes itunes. I have tries opening itunes again but quickpwn closes it when I go to the next step. Once again I am stuck on the recovery mode step and it doesn’t go down.

    Any other suggestions on to fix this?
    Thank you

  55. alvin says:

    guys my itouch 1st gen get stuck @ the aple logo. What to do now. Plz help! thanks

  56. ankur says:

    QuickPWN cannot detect my ipod so im stuck at the 1st step.. can someone help me with this…?? please

  57. Beppe says:

    My ipod touch doesn’t power anymore !! The screen stays black when I press the power button…
    Please help me!! Any suggestions??

  58. Shoemaker says:

    Thanks Jailbreak people for all the work, did the “break”, looking at the apps, where have they gone? The last time I broke the pod, there were tons of apps. Did I do something wrong? and How do I delete an app if it does not work (Pool is asking for an activation code).

    Again, super thanks, but where is everything?


  59. jose says:

    having the same problem with quickpwn getting stuck on recovery mode. i updated to the latest netframework and still having the same problem

  60. Sukhwant says:


    I have the first iPod touch that came out. I bought the new firmware from iTunes when it came out. I hve downloaded apps and stuff from itunes and have them installed.
    I am wondering, if I do this to my iPod touch, will I still be able to get apps from the iTunes store as well? and will my apps that I already have stay? also, does the jailbroken iPod still allow you to sync music and everything like normal?

    I am unfamiliar with hacking, so answers would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much,


  61. Sukhwant says:

    I tried it anyways, and it worked!
    Thank you!

  62. christian says:

    ok i have a question about step five i get to that point and it connects in recovery mode but it doesnt go pass that like it wont go to the next step in the process the hold the home button for 5 seconds??

  63. travis says:

    When i get to the browse for firmware i find it and all it does is sit there blank any suggestions???

  64. CyberSoldier says:

    could i also get this e-mail for the 2nd GEN jailbreak release please ^_^

    Thanks in advance xD

  65. ipodfreak says:


    Im also waiting for the jailbreak and I also need you to email me about when the jailbreaking for the ipod 2g(2nd generation) comes out, really needing it. Thanks!!!!

  66. Adrina says:

    i have 1g itouch and downloaded quickpwn i have windows vista where do i find the ipsw file?


  67. Saulie10 says:

    Could I also be emailed when the 2nd gen jailbreak is out

    Thanks in advance

  68. Maverick says:

    Just wanted you to know it’s awesome having a great team like this to prevent alot of the lies out there about the 2nd gen touch.

    Would you e-mail me if the situation changes on the 2nd gen touch?

  69. CHICKENLUVER says:

    My ipod tocuh doesnt connect with QuickPWN can you help me

  70. steve says:


  71. Marcus says:

    I’m having the same problems as Kevin. It gets stuck on Recovery Mode.

  72. mike says:

    i keep getting a “SEND ERROR REPORT” every time i get to the last step of holding the home button for 30 sec i keep holding it and i keep getting the same error over and over again PLZZZZZZZZ HELP

  73. Marcus says:

    Kevin and the rest of the people who are stuck in recovery try this.

    Create a new folder to the desktop called “Pwnage”. Move the file “iPod1,1_2.2_5G77a_Restore” and “QuickPwn” to that folder. Now run QuickPwn and as soon as it gets to the recovery screen hold down the home button.

    Thats what I did and finally it started to go down the list instead of being stuck on recovery mode.

  74. Red Ireland says:

    Kevin and everyone else who is stuck on that screen. I had the exact same problem as all of you, i tried for two days, trying everything suggested in various forums and getting nowhere until i read a post in another forum from a guy who said trying a different computer worked for him. First attempt worked like a dream. I dunno what or why it wouldnt work on my dell laptop but i suggest trying it on a different computer. I used the exact same quickpwn, firmware and itunes files so it couldnt have been that. Hope it works for you guys. Good Luck

  75. Kaoooo says:

    I watched a YouTube video on hacking the 2nd gen. The guy does it and all the comments underneath are positive and people commenting saying it works. I tried it with quickpwn but it won’t even read my iPod so I’m on step one. What is up with that?

  76. Pat says:

    Im having the same problem as Kaoooo :( Help?

  77. B says:

    Hi, QuickPwn will not detect my itouch, help? Thx!

  78. B says:

    never mind i got it!

  79. ripnotes says:

    Hello everyone, I need some serious help!!! I’m trying to use Quickpwn 2.2 on my laptop and it continues to get stuck at the last step which is the point im suppose to put my iPhone in DFU mode. Im on vista home premium 32 bit operating system. Can anyone give me step by step instructions how to tweak my windows vista for I could be able to use quickpwn 2.2 without a problem. I have .net 3.5 sp1 already and I just need to know what else I need to do thanks in advance. (F.Y.I – I dont have another computer so I need help with this one)

  80. Lincoln says:

    Hey, I got a 2G Itouch and I tryed to jailbreak it using QuickPwn and it always tells me “firmware error string”.. and I’ve already downloaded a another firmware from a different site and it still gives me the same thing! Plz help?

  81. Lincoln says:

    Hey, About the last comment I posted I forgot to say that The software I have for the Itouch 2G is 2.2 and the QuickPwn is 2.2 as well… So now you know.

  82. Dontae says:


  83. BlueRose says:


    this was my replacement for a sony psp (screen broke)
    and i had put custom firmware on that and it was a complete hair pulling experiance this was like boom boom boom DONE

  84. froman says:

    where do i get the firmwares

  85. jevon says:

    why when i get to the browse window to find firmware I find the right firmware the one that matches my software version it just does nothing does move to the next step

  86. Bryce says:

    So i had the same problem as kevin and everyone about the recovery mode thing
    Heres what i did:

    Step 1: Made a folder called Pwnage and put the firmware and quickpwn in it.
    Step 2: on itunes held down shift and clicked restore. picked out the firmware in the folder and let it restore.
    Step 3: Closed itunes, opened up quickpwn and started, when it gets to firmware, browse and click the one in the folder.
    Step 4: Closed internet and folder and anything running other than quickpwn.
    Step 5: went through steps and when it got to the steps it just kept going.

    I hope this works because i know how frusterating it is.
    good luck

  87. Fuca says:

    Hey I just heart about redsn0w they say it will be out soon I was asking if there is a manual beta or something? Please help thanks

    Redsn0w is the jailbreak for iPod touch second generation

    And all jailbreak in YouTube for the 2nd are fake please flag them

    The dev-team rules

  88. MOHSEN DANGER says:

    ipod2 – os 2.2

  89. Lost dude:( says:

    i have already dwn loaded quickpwn but at the browse for firmware step the bar stops loading at 3 quarters the way. wat can i do to continue to the next step and finish my jailbreak? Plz and Thnx

  90. pwnrownr says:

    wow this was so helpful. i watched so many complicated vids on youtube and this was so simple

  91. ryan says:

    heyy thxx

    && anyone knonw where to find the firmware for this

  92. dylan says:

    ya hoe long is the apple logo suppose to be there

  93. mack says:

    Hey dude i have read al yur post but still couldnt get the solutin for my problem…i updated my itouch to 5H11a which is 2.2.1 n i get the error message firware error string i eman i looked evrywhere on goodle did all the steps n i cant jailbreak i stufffed.and 1 more thing i in quickpwn i dont havea picture of itouch where else i have seen on different sites n videos where people have picture of itouch while they are jail breaking it so please help me what i need another quickpwn or m i doing somethign help me dude..jst email me at my id i dont knw i will be able to come bak on this site or not becoz its random…thanks..dude will wiat for yur reply

  94. chof says:

    what do i do if the ipod icon doesnt pop out when i plug it in or when its plugged in

  95. Marceno says:

    I got to the second step and its saying Fireware error string. What do I do?

  96. Scott says:

    I had the same problem as Kevin and everyone else. (iPod was stuck in the last step of pwning, stuck in recovery) I followed what marcus said to do. I put the IPSW firmware into the same folder as Quickpwn and as soon as my ipod got to the last step, I held down the home key and it worked like a charm. Ive had this problem ever since 1.1.5 and FINALLY it worked. I can’t ask for more, thanks a lot lads.

  97. matt says:

    the quickpwn is not detecting my ipod touch
    what should I do?

  98. ell says:

    hi quickpwn detects my IPSW automatically, but it still says firmware error sting, any advice? My ipod touch is the first generation and is currently operating on 2.2.1.

  99. goody says:

    HELP have 1st gen was unlocked but had to im getting “frameware error strig”

  100. ramon says:

    i was able to jailbreak my ipod touch 2g using cywood

  101. CADU says:

    1º- Press Windows+R and enter services.msc

    2º Activate terminal, fast user change and remote procedure calls, i think it was all that i switched on. (to activate, right click, iniciate and then go the propreties and set the type of start to “automatic”)

    3º Restart if you wish, i didn’t needed to.

    3º Jailbreak it.

    PS: If need to, Write down all those services that were desactivated, then activate all, jailbreak and then turn those again off.

    I hope it solves that! You won’t find the name like i mencioned, i’m on the portuguese language and to translate it’s kinda hard!

    good luck

  102. matthew says:


  103. concept says:

    please help i don’t have my computer in state so i don’t want to lose all my files.. i don’t have the volume on the side of my itouch so i dunno if it’s 2nd gen, but i know i have 2.2.1 i’m not sure what happened, but i got into recovery mode, it’s happened before and i know how to get out, but this time it’s not working!!! please e-mail me with solutions at


  104. Matt says:



  105. dmac22294 says:

    I have the 2nd generation iTouch i read there is no way to jailbreak it, do you think the 2nd generation iTouch will ever be able yo be hacked? If so, when?

  106. sara says:

    why can’t I jailbreak my first generation ipod touch via Quick PWN
    it says the firmware is not supported

  107. ipodfanatic says:

    hey id like to be added to the mailing list too when the hack for the ipod touch 2nd. generation comes out. my email is thank you!

  108. Steven says:

    I’m having some problems with quickpwn i’ve been trying to jailbreak my iPhone 3g 2.2.1 for like a week now evry time I try to open it it says eror. Can u help me please