Apple pushed out the Firmware 2.2 update late last night, or in the early morning hours for some of you, and questions immediately rose about jailbreaking. We’ll take a look at this, and answer the common questions being asked.

The Firmware 2.2 update is available via iTunes, or you can download the update directly from Apple’s download servers at This update is for iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPod touch and 2nd-gen iPod touch.

Read on for the full details about the Firmware 2.2 jailbreak.

  • Is Firmware 2.2 jailbroken?

The iPhone Dev Team wrote a blog post explaining that the Pwnage (Jailbreak) method appears to be unaffected with the release of Firmware 2.2. That said, an updated jailbreak tool for Firmware 2.2 should be released soon, but first has to go through the “usual testing process.”

Older versions of PwnageTool and QuickPwn are not compatible with jailbreaking Firmware 2.2.

  • When a jailbreak is released, which devices will it be for?

When the iPhone Dev Team releases their updated versions of PwnageTool and QuickPwn, the jailbreak method will support 1st-gen iPod touch, iPhone and iPhone 3G.

  • Will I be able to jailbreak my 2nd-gen iPod touch now?

No. This firmware update (2.2) has no affect on jailbreaking your 2nd-gen iPod touch, and the iPhone Dev Team has stated that this is not their top priority at this time.

  • If I am jailbroken and want to update to Firmware 2.2, will I loose my jailbreak?

Yes, you will lose your current jailbreak and all jailbroken material such as applications will be removed.

  • If I am not jailbroken and want to update to Firmware 2.2, will I loose my media?

No. Anything that is stored in /var/mobile/media/ is not deleted. This is all media (music, videos, applications from App Store, etc.)

48 Comments on “Firmware 2.2: Jailbreak”

  1. GingaNinja says:

    Thanks for the clarification.

    Would just like to point out that ‘loose’ means that something is loose (eg My laces are loose).

    I think the word you should be using is ‘lose’, which is what happens when you have lost something.

  2. Kiks52 says:

    Thank you for the tip! The correction has been made.

  3. signs9 says:

    is there any way to backup jailbroken apps?if there is please email me how.

  4. Raseel says:

    Cool. I think I’ll upgrade my 1st-gen ipod Touch now.
    One question though, was 2.1 ever jailbroken for the 1st Gen ?

  5. kusunagi says:

    sorry to ask i wonder if there is a program to emulate ipod touch 2g to 1g so it can be allow to jailbreak?

  6. Kiks52 says:

    Raseel: Firmware 2.1 is jailbroken for the 1st gen. You can use QuickPwn for Windows or PwnageTool for Mac.

    kusunagi: Unfortunately, there isn’t.

  7. John says:

    is it possible to mod the new touch with external speaker built in?

  8. isalamtube says:

    We need a jailbreak that doesn’t slower down the performance of the iPhone.
    Thank you

  9. Kiks52 says:

    John: You can’t mod/jailbreak the new iPod touch yet.

    isalamtube: Firmware 2.2 has been jailbroken and does just that.

  10. coco says:

    If I have a non-jailbroken first gen ipod, and I jailbreak it, will I lose my apps from the app store, and will I still be able to buy apps from it??

  11. Kiks52 says:

    coco, you’ll loose the applications after you jailbreak but you can always reinstall them and any other applications from the App Store. It’ll remove them but you are still able to download/buy applications from the App Store.

    The only reason the applications from the App Store are removed after jailbreaking is because it restores the iPod during the jailbreak process which removes any App Store applications and other media (music, videos and so forth.)

  12. MC says:

    So, no ETA on the 2nd gen iPod Touch… I wanted to buy a 16GB 2nd Gen but not if it’s not JailBreakable. :-(

  13. Kiks52 says:

    Sadly, not yet.

    Hopefully the 3G unlock comes soon so that the iPhone Dev Team can focus on jailbreaking the 2nd gen iPod touch.

  14. Night says:

    If i upgrade my iPod Touch 2G to version 2.2 off of iTunes, is that a bad idea or should i use the method “”?

  15. Donkeykonk says:

    If I currently have a 2.1 3G with jailbreak and I update and re-jailbreak with the new 2.2 – will I lose all of my current jailbreak apps (will I need to re-download)?

  16. Kiks52 says:

    Night, it’s perfectly fine to update to 2.2 through iTunes.

    Yea Donkeykonk, you’ll loose your jailbroken applications.

  17. JOGGER says:

    I have a jailbroken ipod touch 1g with firmware 2.0.2 and i want to update to 2.2, will i lose my applications? and do I have to go through the process of quickpwning and installing cydia again?

  18. Kiks52 says:

    JOGGER, you won’t loose your App Store applications but you’ll loose any jailbroken applications that you had on 2.0.2. And yes, once you update to Firmware 2.2 you must go through the QuickPwn process again.

  19. goner says:

    If i have upgraded my ipod touch version to 2.2 can i still use firmware 2.2 or wait till 2.3 is broken?

  20. Schuller says:

    Hi !

    Thanks for this post… but I downloaded the last firmware (2.2) to my iPod touch 1G… tried to update it but ocurried an error number 14….

    Can someone help me?
    then.. I got my iPod bricked….

  21. SGSCharger says:

    Can i still purchase apps form itunes after jailbreaking?

  22. Kiks52 says:

    goner, if you upgrade to Firmware 2.2 you can still use Firmware 2.2.

    SGSCharger, yes you can!

  23. joe says:

    what is different about the new ipod touch that is so different to jailbreak. Did apple puprosely target the jailbreakers and make it harder for them

  24. OX_007 says:

    I upgraded to firmware 2.2 and jailbroke the iphone 1G and did the SSH process, rebooted the phone, connected to itunes (no problem), Itunes picked my phone then tried to sync jailbroken apps and after 75% installation it give out and error saying “iphone not detected”. What could be the problem. By the way Im using the latest itunes.

  25. luis armando says:


  26. monique says:

    may seem like a stupid question, but i haven’t been able to see an answer anywhere… if i jailbreak my ipod touch and then decide i don’t want it jailbroken anymore or something goes wrong, can i restore it using itunes to the original software or is there no going back? also…does it still sync with ical/iphoto/itunes/mail/usual itunes library stuff, etc? thanks ahead of time.

  27. Kiks52 says:

    joe, it has a different processor inside of it which can’t yet be jailbroken.

    OX_007, are you sure you have your iPhone booted in DFU Mode?

    luis armando, if you have the original iPod touch you can downgrade it from 2.2 to 2.0. But if it’s the new 2nd-gen iPod touch with the volume buttons on the side then you can’t. The 2nd-gen iPod touch can only run 2.1.1, and now 2.2 and they both can’t be jailbroken yet.

    monique, you can restore at any time and the jailbreak will be removed and your iPod will be just like it was out of the box! In fact, there’s no way to trace that you had a jailbreak installed at all, so your warranty is also fine if you’re wondering. And yes, it still syncs with iCal, iPhoto, iTunes and other Mac programs fine.

    Hope this sums up all of your answers! Enjoy!

  28. monique says:

    Kiks52, thank you very much :)

  29. sunny says:

    would like to ask.. after i jailbreak my phone.. will itunes be able to track my device when i purchase an application and then charge me for jailbreaking? am puzzled by this.. wont the serial number be recorded in itunes? I’m considering jailbreak. but i would wanna get some applications off itunes in future.

    some advice please. Thanks!

  30. Kiks52 says:

    Sunny, Apple (or iTunes) won’t be able to track your device and “charge you” for jailbreaking. In fact, jailbreaking isn’t illegal so you have nothing to worry about. It only voids your warranty, but even that can be fixed by just restoring once you need to send your iPhone in for warranty.

    The serial number won’t be recorded in iTunes and you’ll be able to get applications off iTunes in the future no problem.

    Hope that answers your questions!

  31. Craig says:

    If I have the first gen iphone and I jail break on 2.2 firmware, I’ll lose my apps from the appstore due to the restore, as you said before.

    Does this mean I can sync them back on with my music later and still have Cydia and Installer on my iPhone witout losing the jailbreak?

  32. Greg says:

    What will happen if i put the iphone 3G firmware on my ipod touch 2G?

  33. Kiks52 says:

    Craig, you won’t loose your App Store applications because you aren’t even restoring during the jailbreaking process.

    Greg, you can’t.

  34. quick says:

    I have the iPod touch, the one that plays without headphones I know u said they havnt hacked yet but that was a while ago so I was woundeding
    Have they done or do u know when

  35. IpOdTouch2GeNowner says:

    hello. ive been wondering if a video ive seen in youtube is true or not, because you all say that there is no jailbreak for the 2g ipod touch but int this video all the comment are possitive and have 5 stars i think..
    please check it and let me know if it is true or not :D

    thank you

  36. Kiks52 says:

    Quick, they still haven’t.

    IpOdTouch2GeNowner, it’s not true. The creator of the video can manage the comments and only approve comments that are positive. He can just go through all the negative ones and deny them so it looks like it’s all good and no bad at all.

  37. als says:

    hey a have the ipod touch 2.2 5g77a is it ok or it not gonna work
    thank you

  38. lolx says:

    hai… can i ask u? ive download the 2.2 firmware for ipod touch 1gen from itunes, then where can i get the downloaded firmware, i mean, which folder…. cause i want to jailbreak it… quickpwn ask me for the firmware… thanx

  39. NotFadeAway says:

    I just made a boo boo and updated my jailbreaked ipod touch to the new 2.2 firmware. Since they don’t have a jailbreak out yet, can I restore it to 2.1 and then jailbreak it again? I miss not being able to add to apps.

    But, on a side note, all my hacked apps are still on the ipod and still working. : )

  40. Kyle says:

    i have just purchased an ipod touch 2G and i want to jail break it. are there currently any programs that i can use?

  41. Melano says:

    If i restore my 2 gen. Ipod to v2.1 will i be able to hack my ipod with the 2.1 version, or you CAN’T hack the 2 gen. Ipod at all?

  42. Melano says:

    I am trying to restore my 2 gen. ipod so i can get to v2.1 to hack it with QuickPwn, but every time i restore it, t still doesn’t go back to v2.1 . It stays at v2.2 . I don’t know wht to do?

  43. aminahoora says:

    there is no way for cracking ipod touch 2G (5g77a-5f138)??
    what can we do with this hardware ??
    is any way for use most popular feature of this player ???

    very thanks

  44. scooter says:

    windows life without walls ? dont you need a wall to have a window ? surly its not a window if its not in or part of a wall ? and apple plz plz plz hurry up with a jailbreak for the 2g i so miss my first gen and its flexability once its been powned :(

  45. nazman says:

    if anybody know wen the ipod 2g jailbreak is available plz email me… thnx

  46. i_want_jailbreak_my_2gen_itouch says:

    yah plz email me too..i have the 2gen ipod touch with latest firmware and everything…i need to know when the jail break is available

  47. Shnethog says:

    Ok, so i upgraded my 2g ipod touch to firmware 2.2, and I originally had 2.1.1. If I restore it to its original settings through itunes, does it replace the existing firmware (2.2) with the original one (2.1.1)? And will having 2.2 instead of 2.1.1 affect the possibility of jailbreaking my ipod in the future?

  48. mike says:

    when will 2.2.2 jailbreak be ready for the ipodtouch (2nd generation)?????????