With Abcmsaj’s review on GelaSkins for the 2nd-gen iPod touch, it’s only appropriate that I cover the full spectrum and take a look at GelaSkins for the 1st-gen. I’d like to thank GelaSkins, especially Solveig, for this kind donation. It’s greatly appreciated.

If you don’t already know, GelaSkins are sticker-like skins that are available in numerous (over 100) designs for iPod touch, iPhone, Nintendo DS, MacBook and more. In fact, you can view the full line of GelaSkins products by visiting their website. Even better, you can read the full review by reading on, across the jump.

GelaSkins’ arrives in a cardboard envelope, with two cardboard sheets inside. On one sheet is the GelaSkin, in the design that you choose. This sheet also shows the matching wallpaper of the design you chose, displayed on an iPod touch. For me, it was the Fuzin’ Raizin design. On the other sheet is instructions on how to apply the GelaSkin you purchased and details on downloading the matching wallpaper for your iPod.

To apply your GelaSkin onto your iPod, you simply remove the sticker-like skin from the cardboard sheet, and position it on the back of the iPod touch.

If you’re worried about making a mistake when applying the GelaSkin on to your iPod, don’t worry. GelaSkins are made out of patented “3M” removable adhesive, which can be reapplied if necessary. But, reapplying the skin two or more times after initially applying it is when the adhesive begins to loose it’s stickiness.

In fact, the adhesive side of the GelaSkin looks like duct-tape, with a checkerboard texture to it. When you remove it from your iPod, there is no residue left behind.

One pro to GelaSkins is that the skin doesn’t cover any ports, so the home button, sleep/wake button along with the dock connector are fully accessible. The skin covers the aluminum backing of the iPod, along with the sides. But the curved parts of the aluminum backing are not covered by the GelaSkin, and are left exposed. This is one minor flaw that can result in scratches around these areas.

Overall, GelaSkins give your iPod touch a designer appeal, but do not offer protection in the long run. GelaSkins protects your iPod against scratches, but if you were to drop your iPod touch, GelaSkins would not serve as any protection.

Using a similar rating system as Abcmsaj, we’ll take a look at how GelaSkins for the 1G iPod touch scored:

Looks/Design: 10/10. Hands down, GelaSkins provides an attractive looking, great design for your iPod.
4/10. This score simply can’t match the perfect score given for looks, because although GelaSkins can protect against scratches, it’s useless for protecting your iPod touch from drops and dents.
10/10. Sleek and shiny.
8/10. Some view the price of GelaSkins as “too expensive for just a sticker.”
OVERALL: 32/40


  • Adhesive sticker-like skin for back of iPod touch
  • Available in many different designs
  • $14.95 US for 1st-generation iPod touch GelaSkins
  • Receive 40% off a 2-pack of GelaScreens when you purchase a skin.

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