Thanks to Bobby (bgizzle), Hack the iPod touch now has a link that occasionally appears in the top menu bar over at iPod touch Fans forum. In fact, every time a reader loads a page on iPod touch Fans, there is a 50/50 chance of this link leading to either this blog or to iPhone fanatics. All of the writers here, including myself, would like to give you a big thank you for providing us with this opportunity for a larger reader audience and more coverage as iPod touch Fans’ official blog.

New link shown on iPod touch Fans

Considering that the majority of you are already coming from iPod touch Fans, you probably already know this. But, never the less, iPod touch Fans is an online community based on the iPod touch, which boasts over 250,000 members. This forum is clearly the leading iPod touch forum for all areas including jailbreaking, App Store, and even the OTâ„¢ (off-topic chat).

According to Quantcast, iPod touch Fans receives over 600,000 global hits monthly and with the addition of a link to this blog, our own traffic is sure to go skyrocketing. Although Hack the iPod touch was created by bgizzle before iPod touch Fans, many users on the forum are still unaware of this blog – until now.

Once again, thanks goes out to you Bobby for providing us with an opportunity to write about what we enjoy as a hobby, in front of an audience that is surely going to be increasing month after month. From Abcmsaj, x6blues, and the rest of the writers and I, thank you!

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