Thank you to the GelaSkins team for agreeing to send me this – And even giving me the choice of style! I will be reviewing your screen protectors too, but I’m try trying to think of a way to remove and keep my BSE skin.

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A unique twist on protection, GelaSkins plan to make protecting your device both simple and stylish. They flaunt this ability with their GelaSkins back piece, which is a sticker-type sheet which peels off, and sticks on – Offering you instant protection from scratches and scrapes as well as making your device look sleek and sexy at the same time.

Read more to find out what other features this unique product has.

GelaSkins for the 2nd Generation iPod Touch, cover the back and partway up the sides. This offers the user peace of mind when they lay they device down on a table or keep it in the pocket. The skin doesn’t obscure any ports or holes, so offers full functionality for your iPod.

I was very impressed with the packaging of the skin. It came as 2 pieces of cardboard, (one with instructions on which I’ll explain in a minute) and they were both sealed inside a plastic wallet. Their logo is professionally printed along the top, and the specific design of skin you ordered determines what your packaging looks like.

In my case, I ordered the MOD skin which was designed by GelaSkins. You can have other designs which have been created by professional designers – Some look retro, some look gangster and some look unusual but you’re literally spoilt for choice when you get on the site.


Simply peel the sticker off from the cardboard packing, ensure there’s no dust on your iPod’s back (go over it with a microfibril cloth) and line up the headphone port with the hole cut out in the skin. Drop the skin on, smooth it down, removing air bubbles and then fold the 2 sides over to complete your skin.

I recommend you check for air bubbles now again, by going over the skin gently with a card.


As I was saying, the look of the skin is spectacular. So much choice for any, and every user. I put mine on top of my BSE (check out that review too here) and it stuck down perfectly and added hardly any bulk to the overall look.

It feels smooth too. Although the sticky side has a feel of ductape, the back is smooth and even feels as if it coul withstand a slash from your car keys.

Quality is ensured – These aren’t rushed with smudges and off-shapes.

And that’s not all you can get! When you order a skin, you get a second piece of cardboard inside your packaging with instructions on how to download a matching WALLPAPER for your iPod. Now how cool is that? I love it when things match :)

Basically, these skins are so simple but so brilliant. If you want an epic combo, I recommend an invisible skin (BSE, Zagg, BodyGuardz) with one of these on top.

My Verdict:

Looks: 10 out of 10. Not rushed. Got to be over 100 designs on their site. Variety for EVERYONE.

Protection: 9/10. Your front’s not protected. A tiny of the bottom and top aren’t either. And if you dropped your iPod, this wouldn’t protect it. But this thing seems as if it could take a scratch easily.

Feel: 9/10. A smooth, sheen finish which feels comfortable in your hands and almost feels the same as an unprotected back would.

Price: 8/10. I understand how the price of $15 could be considered as “too expensive,” but you’ve got to understand that you’re paying for quality here from professional designers. This stuff doesn’t come cheap. You wouldn’t pay $5 for the Mona Lisa.

Overall: 36/40. Just so simple… But so nice. I give it:

Grade “A-”

Get one now from for any iPod, iPhone, other phones, Macs and PCs! Go check them out.

Coming soon:

A review on the screen protector from the GelaSkins company. Also, watch the site for a SwitchEasy RebelTouch review – And hopefully more coming soon.

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  1. epqr says:

    Nice review! i am seriously thinking about getting one of those. a little too expensive tho..

  2. Fuzin’ Raizin at Hack the iPod touch says:

    [...] Abcmsaj’s review on GelaSkins for the 2nd-gen iPod touch, it’s only appropriate that I cover the full spectrum and take a look at GelaSkins for the [...]

  3. Lizi says:

    Do you have a clear case over the gelaskin? It kinda looks like it, do you have an recommendations on what clear cases will fit over the skins? I have a gelaskin on my ipod touch gen 2 and just want to protect it a little bit more x

    lizi x