Hack the iPod touch is proud to announce that we are providing you reviews for iPod touch cases and accessories. While Abcmsaj will be providing you with the latest 2nd-gen reviews, I’ll be kicking it old-school with reviews on cases and accessories for the 1st-gen iPod touch.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive case for your 1st-generation iPod touch, look no further. For the ridiculously low price of only $5.99 US, you can purchase a Case-Mate Signature Leather case. The case has recently been reduced from $29.99 US to only $5.99 after the release of the 2nd-generation iPod touch. You can purchase this case online at Case-Mate’s website, or at certain retailers across North America including Best Buy and Future Shop. And, if you’re thinking that low quality tags along with the low price tag, you’re wrong.

Case-Mate’s Signature Leather case comes in nice packaging that is simple to open. The front of the packaging showcases the case, and the back of the packaging allows you to feel the Napa leather that this case has.

Simply open the tab at the top of the box, and then slide out the inner plastic packaging. This plastic packaging simply pops open, and can be easily closed again.

Case-Mate includes a lint-free polishing cloth, a keychain and a screen protector along with the case. The screen protector has given instructions written on small tabs attached to it, and can be reapplied if put on incorrectly.

My first impressions of Case-Mate’s Signature Leather case were that this was a hard-leather type case. But, to my surprise, the leather is soft. What I like about this case is that it has a seamless top, leaving the Sleep/Wake button easily accessible. The case also has openings for the ambient light sensor, home button, headphone jack and dock connector. While this case is made of soft leather, it is still a tight fit that offers protection for your shiny device. This case covers the complete back of the iPod touch, showcasing the Case-Mate name and helping to prevent scratches to the aluminum casing on the back of the iPod.

A flaw that I noticed is that when you have this case on your iPod touch, you can’t place it onto any dock such as an iHome. The leather casing is simply too bulky to fit onto a dock. Another flaw to this case is that it can be easily marked. Everyday use of this case creates small marks on the back and front. I assume that this is because of the soft leather, as hard leather cases usually do not have this problem.

The inside backing of this case is a very nice black fabric, that displays Case-Mate across it. This fabric makes sliding your iPod touch into the case easier, and is a very nice material. It’s a shame that when this case is in use, this fabric is not seen.

To use your iPod touch with this case, you need to slide it into the case through the seamless top. It doesn’t take too much pressure to get the iPod touch into the case.

In conclusion, this case is affordable and gets the job done. Although, with it’s ease of being marked, such as pressing your fingernail into it accidentally, this case can turn into a real mess. But, for the quick bargain of only $5.99 US, there’s nothing to loose. This case does provide a tight fit that keeps your shiny iPod protected, and includes a screen protector and polishing cloth. Overall, I give this case a 7/10 rating. A few flaws bring the score down, but you just can’t beat the price tag.


  • Soft leather case
  • Affordable price of $5.99 US
  • Can easily be marked, such as pressing your fingernail into it accidentally
  • Can’t use your iPod with a dock when using this case
  • Comes with screen protector and polishing cloth

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