Hack the iPod touch is proud to announce that we will be bringing you reviews for iPod touch cases and accessories. While Abcmsaj will be providing you with the latest 2nd-gen reviews, I’ll be kicking it old-school with reviews on cases and accessories for the 1st-gen iPod touch.

First up is a look at DLO‘s JamJacket case, for the 1st-generation iPod touch. This case is available for $19.99 USD on their website, and at North American retailers including Best Buy, Circuit City and Future Shop (prices may vary).

As with every DLO product, this case comes with nice, yet simple packaging. And unlike some products, this case comes in packaging that is actually openable, rather than the hard-plastic type of packaging that can be a struggle to open. The outer cardboard-like packaging slides off, leaving you with the inner plastic packaging. This plastic easily pops open, and can be resealed.

The JamJacket case is a silicone case that is available in the colors clear and black. It slips on the iPod touch very nicely, and is very flexible because it’s made of silicone. The case leaves openings for the ambient light sensor, as well as the dock connector, headphone jack and home button. This case is very simple and sleek, yet provides good protection. The case covers the back of the iPod touch completely, protecting the shiny aluminum backing. Although this is a high quality silicone case, there is a flaw. The thick silicone around the corners of the case, which DLO calls corner bumpers, makes pressing the home button difficult.

One other possible flaw is that you must be careful when you are applying or removing the case, as the silicone near the corners of the screen can eventually split.

A great feature that this case has is what DLO calls Earbud Management, which keeps you organized when you’re on the go. Rather than shoving your iPod headphones into your pocket only to find them all tangled when you use them next, you can store them neatly on the back of the case. Earbud Management allows you to wrap the cable around the back of the case, and leaves two holes where you can place the left and right earphone.

The JamJacket case also includes a screen protector, which is great for preventing scratches on the glass. This screen protector is not applied in ways such as BSE’s skins are, meaning that you do not need an applicant to place this protector onto your iPod touch. You simply remove the plastic that keeps the screen protector sticky, and place it onto your iPod touch. You may have to reapply it a few times in order to assure that there are no air bubbles. Two pros to the screen protector is that it is virtually invisible, and does not cover the home button.

Overall, for the price of $19.99, you can’t go wrong with this case. Sleek, clean looking protection, with earbud management and the bonus of a screen protector means that you don’t have to worry when you’re on-the-go with your iPod. I give the JamJacket case an overall rating of 9/10, because of a few minor flaws. Below is two examples of what the case looks like on an iPod touch, with and without the screen protector. On the left is with the screen protector and on the right is without.


  • Compatible with 1st-gen iPod touch
  • Sleek, clean looking silicone case
  • Comes with screen protector
  • Has Earbud Management
  • Available in clear and black
  • Affordable price of $19.99 USD
  • Makes pressing home button difficult

2 Comments on “Jammin’ with DLO’s JamJacket”

  1. Daniel (iPhoneFanatics) says:

    I used to have this case way back when the iPod Touch was just released, and I really hated it. But I used it again and its really nice and simple, and doesn’t have any annoying downsides like almost all of the other cases out there.

  2. iPods Rock says:

    Great case. The black DLO case is my favorite there.