I know that there’s a lot of effort and thought needed to go into a case. You don’t want to buy one, try it out for a week and then realise that it scratches your iPod or doesn’t look nice. That’s why myself and Kiks have gotten in “touch” (funny pun) with some case companies to ask them for their help to persuade you guys to buy a case – By creating a detailed, upfront review on a few popular cases and skins!

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

  • 2G iPod Touch Griffin Nu Form
  • 2G iPod Touch Switcheasy RebelTouch
  • 2G iPod Touch BSE
  • 2G iPod Touch GelaSkins (Unique and brilliant protection)
  • 2G iPod Touch Bodyguardz (If they get back to me)
  • Cases by Fortte.

I also have emailed a few other companies requesting their help – But when these come to my house in the next few weeks, I’ll be ripping them open, trying them on, writing about them and giving you an overall verdict. I might try and do a video for some of them, or a follow up in a fortnight or two (Orange Peel effect, etc)

So if you want one of the products above but are undecided because you might regret it – Wait a week or two and we’ll try and help you out.

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