Hey guys.

Incase you didn’t know, Twitter is a basic online Social Network website where, not only can you meet people, but you can also keep up to date with goings-on if you follow specific people.

For example, visiting http://Twitter.com/Abcmsaj brings you to my Twitter page, where you can follow me and read what I post – Normally about my mood or asking/replying to questions.

But what’s this got to do with iPod Touch, I hear you ask? Well – App Devs are on Twitter! You can keep up with the latest news and promos by following them and checking in on them. And even better, you can reply to them and congratulate them on their extremely hard work and the effort they put into our apps.

Here’s a few:

http://twitter.com/twinkleking – Tapulous.

http://twitter.com/griffintech – Griffin (the case company – Get discount codes!)

http://twitter.com/ngmoco – Developer of Topple, MazeFinger and Rolando.

http://twitter.com/polarbearfarm – Developer of Record and Telegraph.

Got anymore? Post them here and I’ll add them to the list.

Also – Download the free app “Twinkle” by Tapulous, which is a brilliant, free Twitter-based client that you can use to check your Twitter account.

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