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2 Comments on “What do you want us to write about?”

  1. Raseel says:

    I’m a new reader of this blog and so don’t know if this is been covered, but I’d like to read about all the different hardware mods available for iTouch. For example the “mic” pod or the “TV out” mod, etc.

  2. x6blues says:

    @Raseel: First off, thanks for the comment and being an audience for the blog. It is greatly appreciated :D

    On the 2nd generation iPod Touch, it is compatible with a mic which is being sold directly from Apple as an accessory, so that explains lacking coverage ;) Also be aware, with these Touch users should have access to different SDK apps :)
    -It can be found at the link below.

    For the 1st gen Touch, a mic was available from a group named TouchMods, but this little institution seemed to deteriorate from internal problems. As of now, the remaining members are still up and going creating a few applications, but the mics from what I’ve seen are no longer available and actual full-fledged apps are not ready as of now but some are in beta.
    *Of course, I’m no expert on TouchMods so I may be wrong, and they seemed to drift from the spotlight so there have been some changes.

    Now, for the TV Output. There is no mod per say but an actual accessory via Apple once more via accessories.
    -Look at the link below.

    Hope that explains a bit :)
    As for other mods and such, I’ve done a bit on iControlPad but I’m not sure of anymore. If you or any other members have any ideas, then you know where to find us! :)


    -Earphones/Mic (Coming Soon)


    -TV Out