New hack by the name of Backgrounder allows true multitasking.

It enables any application to continue to run in the background whether it be on the homescreen or even while syncing!

All available via Cydia.

Use: Open the desired app, and then proceed to holding the home button until a popup appears stating it is enabled.
To Disable, open the application, and hold the home button once more.
*Also, if you press the home button while on the homescreen, a directory of sorts pops up and allows access to your applications. Press the home button once more, to close the screen.




An example of the use of this hack is an IM app. It is now possible to receive IMs while doing other tasks as going into MobileMusic or even play a favorite game.

Also, the popular music site Seeqpod can be a benefactor as well. I, for one, am now able to play a song via Seeqpod while at the same time exploring my springboard.

For another view, take a gander at this article via the popular site Gizmodo

iPhone-Backgrounder (available for jailbroken iPhones via Cydia) brings another much-desired functionality that Apple’s not allowing for legit apps—the ability to run in the background. After installing the extension, simply hold down the home button on the app you want to preserve, and it will keep running until you tell it to stop with another home button press. Looks like those jailbreak folks aren’t done innovating just yet…

Like copy and paste, the only way to bring system-level functions to the iPhone remains via jailbroken software. If you have the “BigBoss & Planet-iPhones” source loaded, iPhone-Backgrounder should show up as a default install option. Our tipster says he’s got Pandora playing while receiving background IMs while syncing at the same time (crazy!). He reports some bugginess with duped IMs and the like, but on the whole it’s working as expected. [iPhone-Backgrounder - Thanks Horn!]

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