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Lightsaber Unleashed has been released and I think it’s an update to the previous PhoneSaber. It adds new effects. new characters and music and the best thing is that it is absolutely FREE! Get it now!

A few tips:

  • Tap on the bright sparkling stars to hear 2 quotes from Darth Vader’s ACTUAL mouth.
  • Full screen mode flashes white when contact is made to add to the realistic-ness.
  • I play the battle music and pretend I’m surrounded by 900 Stormtroopers. This makes the situation seem more real, and can be your excuse to the psychiatrist when you’re in his office after you batter your family to death with your iPod.
  • You can view bios of the characters by tapping on the “i” next to their photo.

- Abcmsaj/Bkram1.

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