A member of iPod Touch Fans has compiled handy list of sources you can add to either Cydia or Installer


Problems with Installer 4?

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If somenthing doesn’t install, erase the repo and then add it again, it’s an Installer bug.

Cydia (1.0.2545-31):

BigBoss : http://apt.bigboss.us.com/repofiles/cydia/
iPhoneStuff: http://iphonestuff.ru/ (DOWN)
ModMyiFone: http://modmyi.com/repo
Ste: http://repo.smxy.org/cydia/apt/
Telesphoreo Tangelo: http://apt.saurik.com/
ZodTTD: http://www.zodttd.com/repo/cydia/
Andy Dam: http://repo.gafoogle.com/
Intelliborn: http://intelliborn.com/cydia/
iSpazio: http://ispaziorepo.com/cydia/apt/
Urban Fanatics: http://urbanfanatics.com/cydia/
Free Coder: http://iphone.freecoder.org/apt/
iFonetec: http://app.ifonetec.com/cydia/
Hack&Dev.org: http://iphone.hackndev.org/apt/
Tmgrepo: ftp://tmgrepo_docspages_com:9866058 (<-Underscores; not spaces) (DOWN)
Steffwiz: http://steffwiz.webs.com/iPhone/Repo
iClarified: http://cydia.iclarified.com
WeHo: http://weho.ru/iphone/
Rich Creations: http://www.richcreations.com/iphone/apt/ (DOWN)

Installer (4.0b8-4):

RiP Dev: http://i.ripdev.com
ipodtouchdude: http://ipodtouchdude.net84.net/ (DOWN)
iModZone: http://imodzone.net/repo/ (DOWN)
Ste: http://repo.smxy.org/installer4/
iModZone Mirror: http://jmiz9000.extroverthost.com/ (DOWN)
iSpazio: http://repo.neolinus.org/ispazio/
A27 Dev Team: http://a27dev.com/installer/repo
Clubifone: http://www.clubifone.com/repo/(DOWN)
Sendowski: http://sendowski.de/iphone/
Hackmyiphone: http://hackmyiphone.net/installer/
Wildcat: http://iphone.handheld.com.vn/installer
M2: http://m2.iphoneall.org
GPDA: http://gpda.ru/r (Tweaks)
iModZone: http://karldj.co.uk/imodzone/ (DOWN)
Hackint0sh: http://hackint0sh.org/repo/ (Hackint0sh official)
iClarified: http://installer.iClarified.com (Repo Sources)
Modmyifone: http://modmyi.com/repo (Community sources)
Handheld: http://i2.handheld.com.vn/ (Community sources)
Norwegian Source: http://installer.ifon.no
iphone Handheld: http://iphone.handheld.com.vn/installer/ (Tweaks & Apps)
Navco: http://www.navco786.com/repo (UK Edge Settings)
tysiphonehelp: http://myrepospace.com/repo/tysiphonehelp (DOWN)
Installer apps: http://iphone.installerapps.com (DOWN)
Zodttd: http://zodttd.com/repo
STR10COUPE: http://i.srt10coupe.de/ (graphic stuff)
Tavvy’s Source: http://ipodtouchdude.extroverthost.com/tavvy [themes/fonts/more]

If you want one added to the list, post it here or PM me and i will add it

I will keep this thread updated as long as you guys give me sources =)

**NOTE: I do not check any of the content of these sources. They are given to me as-is. I have no idea what is in them and do not necessarily approve of their content.**

All of us can thank the member Collateral for this fantastic list.

If you have any additions, comments, etc, then you can contact Collateral at


Future updates/original thread here
Enjoy :)


27 Comments on “Source List – Cydia and Installer 4”

  1. SHARAT says:

    THANK YOU! x400
    THANK YOU! sooooooooooooooo MUCH!!!

    Edited by x6blues: No problem, and I made this comment a bit shorter ;)

  2. Tom says:

    The source of ClubiFone is Working, go to installer and add this…



  3. Tom says:

    Hey Guys this is the new address of the clubifone repo:


    Just add it from the installer, the repo works perfectly

  4. john says:

    hello,could you tell me which source that has term-v100 and bsd subsystem,thankyou very much~by the way tell me in cydia and installer these two applications!please

  5. x6blues says:

    @John, both Installer and Cydia come preloaded with community sources, Big Boss and STE Packaging.

    Look under “All Packages” and it should be there ;)

  6. teh says:

    will this work on ipod touch 2G 2.2?thanks!

  7. chris lamb says:

    please help I had installer and cydia and now cydia has just gone I don’t know how but it has I have iPhone 2g 8g please please help from chris county durham uk

  8. G says:

    Clubiphone isn’t working on my Iphone v2.2 and I don’t know what to do to fix it, any help please!

  9. Shannon says:

    What does it mean “(DOWN)”???

  10. Mark says:

    DO any of these sources have touchgrind

  11. Kiks52 says:

    Shannon, down means that they are no longer working.

    No Mark, they don’t have Touchgrind.

  12. iphone guy says:

    yes one does have touch grind
    but its not listed here

    its http://cydia.hackulo.us

  13. Touchgrind fanatic says:

    I cant find touchgrind does anyone know a source that can give me touch grind

  14. Itouchxpert says:

    To find out how to get touchgrind go to YouTube.com and search my username(itouchxpert) and click on free Appstorr apps btw cydia.hackulo.us is half right u need to download installous and mipatch from that source and get the free apps from installous. Watch the video for step by step
    Instructions with pictures

  15. ayechan says:

    how to jailbreak ipodtouch2g i need someone help

  16. Pilopew says:

    Pfff, been looking for BSD subsystem and OpenSSH for some time now on installer 4.0, but I can’t fin them. Fact is I have no idea what sources to use… Any help? Thanks.

  17. ayechan says:

    i need callrecorder for iphone3g.

  18. Kristine says:

    hey, i tried downloading this theme and my ispazio wasn’t working, it says something about being forbidden and gives me an http address.. im running 2.2.1 and everything else is working fine, when downloaded the upgrade for ispazio it didn’t work either…. help??

  19. Kiks52 says:

    Pilopew, you can find BSD Subsystem and OpenSSH on Cydia.

  20. Patrick says:

    Hi, today I am kinda sad, cuz I am tired of my bored ipod touch, and I am trying to find out a way to add installer 4 to my ipod, but I have no idea how to. please, I just need somebody to give me special attencion and tell me how. Seriousl

  21. iXelementXi says:

    patrick send me a email at elemant5@yahoo.com and i will help you out

  22. Henning says:

    Hey guys. I have found out if alot og GBA rom sourced, but none of them works, and i really want GBA rom games on my ipod, and i have 2.2.1…

  23. cazman says:

    how to add sources on cydia????????
    i’m on 1.1.4

  24. andre says:

    please add my source to your cydia list.

    cydia source: http://i.srt10coupe.de/cydia/

  25. Dragon says:

    Hey Everyone what the sources for vwallpaper ? please help !

    email me crxsi2008@aim.com

  26. Jordan says:

    Installer didn’t show up when I jailbroke mine..
    and most of those sources don’t work for me.
    Anyone know the source where you can make the iPod touch music and video look like the iphone’s ” iPod ” icon?

  27. Osame says:

    Anyone Know How To Get Cydia When You’re Running 3.0 Beta 2 , I Want To Get Cydia Using Icy .