I just looked at the new releases on the App Store, and this was near the newest end. I liked the icon… mainly… and the price of 59p, so I bought it, and now I’m going to give you reasons as to why to buy it too.

Do you remember the water-filled plastic games with the plastic hoops in them and tiny spikes? And you had the push buttons outside and it would push air and make the rings go up and up and up and onto a spike. And that was the game? This is like that, but basketball style. Yay!

The interface is wonderful in my opinion. Looks child-like but mature at the same time with simple shapes and colours. There are even bubbles released when you press the buttons in the bottom corners. And I like balls. In the best, and most heterosexual way possible.

There are 3 game modes for you to choose from – My favourite is Free Play because you can just prat about and try and get a high score and practice. But the other two time-trial games are fun too, and what should be included is some form of online scoring.

For novelty, I give this 9/10.

Gameplay and graphics are great too – But it’s not a game you could play for more than 10 minutes at a time… imagine this game to be like iCopter – Worth the $1, but a game you play when you have a free 5 minutes every day.

I rate it 9/10 in total – and I recommend that you buy it.

Get it here.

- Abcmsaj.

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