One of my favourite puzzle games is Lumen by Bridger Maxwell. It’s an ingenious puzzle game that recently received a graphical update which makes it look even better than when I first bought it.

But – Have you ever got stuck on a puzzle and never been able to solve it? Well – Bridger has a little trick to help you on your way…

By solving a puzzle (wrongly named “The Impossible Puzzle”) the user can unlock a cheat which allows them to view the solution of ANY puzzle.

I myself have tried to solve this puzzle SO many times before, but I’ve been unable to – Until I found out why… If you don’t want to find out, look away now.

Now, here’s where it gets cheeky.. This is an impossible puzzle – Unless you know this:


=O – Shocking. Here it is:

Just drag a red laser onto that block and then solve!

And there you have it. Now, when you tap “Menu” you can choose to “Reveal Solution” and it works for any puzzle. Then, try and memorise it, restart the puzzle and try yourself.

Oh yeah, by the way – If you were already smart enough to solve this puzzle BEFORE the graphics update, you have to solve it again to activate the cheat. Thanks, Lumen :)


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  1. Bkram1 says:

    I think this will really help me out :)