After Pwning my iPhone, I have decided to restore back to the original firmware. The main reason why, stability. Is the whole Jailbreak process even worth doing any more?

I can only see a few good things in jailbreaking nowadays. The GBA emulator, 5 icon dock, video camera and themes. Now these things don’t really matter to me and the fact that my iPhone is crashing all the time and restarting, it’s not worth it. Then sometimes my iPhone won’t even start! I have to SSH in and move files around just so it will turn on. If this happened to me while I was on a holiday or something, you’d be screwed because you couldn’t SSH in and you couldn’t restore.

I think that the benefits are outweighed by the risk on this occasion. I would not recommend Pwning your device unless you REALLY want to theme your device or get the GBA emulator. I’m more satisfied having my iPhone actually work rather than adding a few more features.

Hopefully, there will be some more reasons to Pwn in the future but as it stands now, I just don’t think it’s worth it.


4 Comments on “Reverting back to 2.1 – NOT Pwned”

  1. x6blues says:

    We obviously have different views ;)

  2. Steinpt says:

    Also, MMS (SwirlyMMS is a must…

  3. kobak says:

    It depends on, what you need. I pwned my touch, because I use the terminal, I love the scrobble ( app can’t scrobble), I usually write in Hungarian and want to switch the spellcheck off.

    And a pwned touch feels more free and more mine! :-)

  4. apenomics says:

    I have an iPod touch and apps like NemuSync helps to synchronize my iCal with my Google Calendar,PocketTouch works great with this butonless iPod and Maps Offline helps me when I’m looking for an address and a wi-fi spot isn’t near. Probably it runs slower now, but I can’t live without these apps.