With the greater ease of jailbreaking the iPod Touch, there has been an influx of those new to this whole “exciting” world ;) I’d like to take some time out to make a few recommendations.

To start, I’d recommend the use of Cydia since it is the main installer on the 2.0/2.1 front.
*Most Apps are available on Cydia for 2.0.x/2.1

Now, in Cydia, you need to install the following.

  • OpenSSH – Allows Access to System Files

(Background-running process, so no icon will appear on Springboard)

  • BossPrefs – Toggle SSH and other Processes On and Off.

  • Terminal – Terminal Client

These apps are just for enjoyment ;)

  • Safari Download Plug-in

(Background running process also. Download BossPrefs DL Control to toggle via BossPrefs)

  • NES – NES Emulator
  • gpSPhone – Gameboy Advanced Emulator
  • Quake4iPhone – Quake Emulator
  • MacMan – Pac Man type Game
  • Buzzer – Music Quiz. Randomly Plays Tracks from your Library
  • MxTube – Native YouTube Download Client
  • PocketTouch – App to Control Mobile Music Player by Gestures
  • dTunes – Allows Files Downloaded via Plugin; both Music and Videos
  • Categories – Place Icons into Folders to Organize your Springboard
  • AptBackUp – Backs Up Cydia App List and Reinstalls upon Restore in One Step
  • Winterboard – Themes

Common Problem/Tips – 2.0.x/2.1

More info – Great Guide by Spoonforknife

This should get many of you along ;)

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