It’s taken a while and had a few development issues but the famous Line Rider game is ‘officially’ here. Is it too late? Has the classic web browser game lost it’s classic feel? Is it better than Flying Rider? Should you buy it?

  • Genre: Indie/Casual
  • Number of Players: 1
  • Price: US $2.99, AU $3.99

iTunes Description:

“You draw it! Bosh rides it! A simple concept yields endless fun and now the smash internet phenomenon comes to your iPhone and iPod touch with cool new community features!

In Line Rider you draw a track with a simple pencil tool then send Bosh on his sled careening down the course until he wipes out! Create a landscape with as many ramps, hills, and jumps as you can imagine. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination and the physics of a boy on a sled.

Now with Line Rider iRide you also get track sharing! Upload your masterpiece to share with the iPhone community! Download and rate tracks made by others! Browse categories of “Most Recent” and “Top Rated” or search by author and track name.

Also check out new features including Draw&Pan, Gravity Tilt and Night Ride!”

iTunes Link: Click Here

Line Rider is a very popular web browser game. What you have to do is draw a landscape or course for your little friend, Bosh, to ride on his little sled. Once you draw the landscape, just press play to see how he goes whether he flys off his sled or he gets big air! If you haven’t played it, I recommend that before you continue reading, head over to and playing the game for free. This will help you understand the review and give you a better idea if you like the game or not.

Well inXile have finally released iRide and it’s been out for the last couple of days. Now that I’ve had the chance to play around with it, I can answer some questions.

  • Is it too late? Well yes! We’ve been waiting for it for a while now but at least it’s now available!
  • Has it lost it’s feel? Of course not! How could this game ever get old?
  • Is it better than Flying Rider? Yes, it’s vastly improved! Great new features!
  • Should you buy it? YES!

Well, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. This game is really simple yet there is so much that you can do with it, the possibilities are basically endless. iRide is exactly the same as the web version of Line Rider but with added features so I’ll tell you now, if you like the web version, you will love this game and you should buy it now.

The main difference between the web version and the iPhone/iPod Touch version is the track sharing system. With this feature, you can browse through everyone’s tracks and edit them or play them. This is a really great feature for me because I am not very creative but I love watching what other people have done. I have made this Youtube video to show you how the game works on the iPhone/iPod Touch.

As you can see, it is extremely easy to use. The user interface is very intuitive and it makes it easy to create your tracks (even though mine turned out horribly). That awesome track I downloaded is called ‘The Ultimate Line’ and it was made by ‘andyroo too’.

The sharing feature is the best thing that has ever happened to the game in my opinion, if you go on iRide now and go to the top tracks, you will find tracks that are equally, if not better than that one. It is really fun just to editing these epic tracks. If you want to trick your friends, download an awesome track and tell them you made it. I’m sure you’ll get some funny reactions.

This game is definitely a ‘must have’, it’s great to show off your device to your friends. If you got Flying Rider while it was available and you enjoyed it, I’d still recommend that you purchase it. The extra tools like the speed boost line, the background drawing line and the flag will help you out heaps and you’ll be missing out on the wonderful track sharing tool.

  • Gameplay: 100% – This is Line Rider, it is totally addictive and totally customisable
  • Graphics: 80% – Classic Line Rider graphics, they don’t really matter, you make them!
  • Sound: 50% – The only sound is an annoying beep
  • Value: 100% -  You’ll get endless fun for $2.99
  • Lasting Appeal: 100% – Endless possibilities and now with the sharing feature, you will never get bored of this game
  • Overall: 100% – This is the ‘must have’ game on the platform, unless you really don’t like Line Rider or you already have Flying Rider


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