It’s not been done yet. So here it is:

The first review from a new writer – The 2nd Generation iPod Touch.

Find out about its speaker, new buttons, new firmware features and new design in this review.

I ordered my new iPod Touch on the day of its release – Not sure what to expect.

I was already quite happy with my 1G, but the prospect of a speaker pushed it over the line for me (even if it was only marginally..) I could have gotten an iPhone? Maybe… But some of you may emphasise with me (my parents don’t..) when I say that I’m a gadget geek and whenever something new comes out – I have to have it.

Anyway, it arrived a few days later, and the box contained that “Apple Product” smell. Mmmm. Tediously, I unboxed and lay out on the softest and most scratch-free surface I could find – My bed. Synced it, set it up, added my best 32 apps and it was ready for use! I’ll start with the volume buttons:

These volume buttons are a nice addition. They aren’t something I would look for in a new product, and I find it hard to believe that they were the “Most Requested Feature” according to Steve Jobs.

Ok – They look nice. A smooth black bar across the left side of your iPod. But the functionality? Not so good. What you have to remember, is the iPod 2G is CURVED, and not FLAT, so the volume buttons will curve with the shape of the iPod. To use the volume controls, you actually need to find the angle at which they will push in – Hard with your first few tries but it gets easier as you practice – Don’t let this put you off getting one.

While I’m on the shape – We’ll talk about that.

Beautiful, yes? Why is it that curved things are prettier than straight ones? Anyway – The shape is wonderful. You really need to put it into your hand to appreciate what I mean – It feels like it fits into your hand perfectly. At the top and bottom of the body (you can see in the right hand picture above) the back actually curves in so much that it is incredibly thin. This is a reason in itself why to get it. Thin, feels good and looks better.

The new features of this iPod are mainly its sync-speed and backup time reduction. You’ll also find that you have no keyboard lag in Safari and that the device will generally run faster. But a feature specifally for iPod Touch 2G, is Nike+.

Over here in the UK, I’d never heard of Nike+ until I heard Jobs mention it at the Let’s Rock Event. I did my research, and apparently it’s been around for a while in this country (shows I don’t go to the gym..)

What it is, is basically a workout buddy. You set a specific workout and powersong, and it will shout at you to keep you motivated – Very clever idea. Problem comes when you realise that for this to work, you need to spend another £20 (different for the US coz we have a credit crunch problem here… It might be $20 in the US) to get a sensor that you put in your shoe. Then £5 for a pouch to hold it in, just incase you don’t have Nike+ specific shoes. I haven’t used Nike+ yet for this exact reason – So if anyone wants to donate me a Nike+ adapter, I’d be more than happy to try and review… -.-

Finally, we’ll talk about the glorious built-in speaker.

There’s no holes for the speaker – It all comes from the dock. But it is a very nice speaker for what it has to offer. It’s very treble-y, and I can’t play some TTR songs because I can’t hear the bass notes… But nearly all of my iTunes songs come out very loudly, and games like Star Wars: TFU and Asphalt4 are also loud enough for me to play in a public area. I was very happy with the speakers, and they would be the reason I would get a refund – Luckily, they were satisfactory. If you want to find out how they compare to an EDGE iPhone, our own BGizzle kindly put together a video for us to enjoy, to the tune of MIA’s Paper Airplanes.

iPod 2G Speaker vs iPhone EDGE Speaker.

Now, for the extra bits. The price is greatly reduced in America. $230 for an 8GB, compared to the £170 in the UK (translates to $340 in USA). The battery life has increased. See for yourself:

The downsides:

  • There’s no cases available yet. It’s too tempting not to play with it, but you need to leave it in its box if you want to keep it scratch-free.
  • I had to send mine off for repairs, because there was a gap between the front silver bezel, and the glass screen – Light was shining through clearly… Apple told me they had a lot of problems like this.
  • Apple also said, that a brown residue was forming around the Wifi reciever – Which wasn’t rust.. but they wouldn’t tell me what it was.


Get it. It’s a very nice device. If you can’t afford it, sell your old one. This does the same job, but with more features for cheaper. With all I’ve seen, I rate it 9/10 overall.

14 Comments on “iPod Touch 2G Review.”

  1. James says:

    WELL i bought one for myself but the speaker was not loud enough. I think I need to check it out… :D Good review!

  2. aaaaah says:

    ehh, the 8gb is $230 here in the US, not 200

    and there ARE cases available, plenty of them

  3. Rawd says:

    Great review! Makes me want to buy one.

    I had heard it had no speaker holes, but I didn’t realize that the sound comes from the dock. I have an iPhone 3G, and the only time I really use the built-in speaker is when playing games. Alot of the time, I have my dock connector plugged in and charging, and I also have a portable charger for the iphone that is almost always plugged in. Does the built in speaker stop working completely when an adapter is plugged in, or does it muffle the sound?

  4. Abcmsaj says:


    Sorry, made the edit.

    In the UK, we don’t have ANY yet – Not even the rubbish looking ones from the companies I’ve never heard of :\

  5. jmmm says:

    the speaker is not from from the dock. it comes from the back of the ipod touch. apparently you will never find it though so dont even try to look.

  6. Joshua says:

    Gaps in the bezel? Light shining through clearly? Lots of problems like this? Brown rust-like residue forming? It’s brand new?

    Get one? Sell existing product for this?


  7. lee says:

    it also has better graphics but other than that near perfect review

  8. Bo Bizzle says:

    Is it hackable?

  9. ttp says:

    no not,jet.

  10. Allan says:

    I’m using the new ipod touch to write this…so far it’s nice but can I downgrade the firmware? It currently has 2.1.1

    Feel free to email me at


  11. Jason says:

    I don’t understand why having a speaker is a deal breaker, seeing as it’s an iPod and is meant for headphone use (or docked speaker use)… and if you were as big of a gadget geek as you say, you would have just gotten the iPhone because of the mobility aspect. Your review doesn’t cover anything about the accelerometer, which as a gadget geek would be a HUGE feature to review, as well as the Genius functionality. I’m disappointed in Google for sending me here for a review of the iPod Touch 2G.

  12. Abcmsaj says:


    I don’t write about the accelerometer because I assume that people reading this already own an iPod Touch 1G, which we all know has an accelerometer. I’m sorry for making this assumption.

    The reason I didn’t buy the iPhone is because of the price – Why pay £400 for the iPhone 3G when I could get the same product, but thinner, without a camera, phone ability or text ability for £160?

    And finally, I reviewed the hardware aspects of the iPod – Not the software based features such as Genius, the App Store or the Nike + App

  13. kash hacker says:

    i have jailbreaken the 2g ipod touch!!!!!!! I will upload the files on the net soon!

  14. KillEr Chorty says:

    how can you down grade the 2nd gen itouch???when will it be having games like the 1st gen itouch and 1st gen 1phone???that is what i am waiting for please let me know when you have done the hack already……