With the freedom that Apple’s SDK allots, it is not of much surprise that this new medium has been tapped.

I for one did not expect such a political response by the developers. Numerous applications from WhackaPoll to the not-so cleverly named “Elections” ;) , have been introduced as both a way to endorse candidates or to educate the masses. Interestingly enough, in their pursuits, a majority of the applications are available for FREE.

Although the applications’ purposes may be hard to distinguish, Apple’s many users should find comfort that there are applications out there designed to better your self and have you make responsible decisions ;)

This Description from the app Campaign should be one all these sorts of app strive for

“We created Campaign to find a way to keep our political minds informed about Barack Obama and John McCain during the 2008 US Presidential Election. It’s a way for the others like us-the political hobbyist, the Beltway insider, and the casual citizen-to stay informed with news and stories from a variety of sources.

We’re not taking sides; we’re giving you the tools to cast your vote with confidence.

Campaign ’08 – Stay Informed”

I have to say I found that refreshing ;) I hope this enlightened you a bit :)

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