It’s official! Line Rider is back on the iPhone but its not FlyingTom’s Flying Rider version, instead it’s inXile Entertainment’s. Line Rider is a very popular, interesting little flash based game to play around within your web browser. What you have to do is draw a track or landscape for a little character to slide down. It’s a little bit hard to explain but you can play it for free on your computer. Just head over to to play the game for FREE!

If you don’t remember, FlyingTom, an independent developer, released his version of Line Rider (Flying Rider), about a month ago for free. It was very popular among the users at the iPod Touch Fans forum and it made it’s way up to the top of top 10 free Apps list on iTunes but unfortunately, inXile, the original developers of Line Rider were making their own version of the game and they insisted that Flying Rider was taken off the App Store so they could sell their game on the App Store without competition. They could do this because they had the copyrights etc.

Users on the forums who missed out on Flying Rider weren’t very happy because now they had no access to any Line Rider games. Well now they can rejoice as they can purchase it (for a small price of $2.99 US – don’t worry about the picture, that is the Australian price). Some people are complaining about how the App now costs money but I think that it’s fine that they charge the small cost. Although I haven’t tried the app out yet, from the description, it sounds like the App has been significantly improved from FlyingTom’s basic version.

The best improvement in my opinion is the track sharing. If you have tried the game, you know fun it is showing off your track that you have spent ages creating and tweaking so that it’s just right. I do not often put a whole lot of time into making my Line Rider tracks but I enjoy just watching what other users have submitted to YouTube. They create masterpieces, after I watch some of them, I am in awe. Well now on inXile’s App, you can download and modify other users tracks. Sounds pretty cool to me! This version also includes different modes and probably includes new brushes such as the speed boost, etc.

I think that inXile has done the right thing releasing Line Rider or iRide on the App Store and I hope they continue to support the game with updates, etc. I can’t wait to try this out!

For more information, click (here) to go straight to the App Store.

Happy Line Riding!


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