I know I’m late because of the whole site upgrade and everything but I wanted to post the news anyways.

On Tuesday, Apple announced a new iPod Nano at it’s ‘Let’s Rock‘ conference.

The new chromatic iPod Nanos - Colourful!

They come in 9 colours and are the thinnest iPods yet. The have a curved design which can now be found in most of Apple’s latest products. The new Nano’s come in 8GB and 16GB models and are packed with an accellerometer. An accelerometer is a device which can tell whether the iPod is vertical, horizontal, is being shaked etc.

The new Nanos also come with new slick software which uses the accellerometer while playing music to activate cover flow. They also have the new ‘Genius’ software which I will talk about in an article about the new iTunes.

Reviewers are saying that if you are happy with your Nano, there is no need to upgrade unless you want more capacity.

To buy a new ‘Chromatic’ iPod Nano go to your local Apple Store/Reseller. For more information click (here).


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