After restoring to firmware 2.0.2 (I wanted it to be a fresh copy) which took a very long time (backing up 2.0.1, restoring to 2.0.2, restoring from back up), the iPhone was running pretty slow. Wifi wasn’t on so I went to settings but it froze there, I tried to force quit settings (holding home for 10 seconds) but it wasn’t working, neither was turning it off by holding the hold button so I had to force reset it (holding home and hold for 10 seconds). It turned off but then hung in the boot logo… SO ANNOYING! I left it on for half an hour to see if it would start but no. I have been in contact with Apple Phone Support regarding this issue as I have been having these problems on every firmware and they were offering me a free replacement if it happened again (or repair). All I have to do now is contact them and let them know.

Has anyone else been having these problems? Oh and I am not running it jail broken.

Bkram1 out!

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