Calendar will be fixed

A user on the MacRumors forums wrote Steve Jobs about the iPod touch’s incompatibility with games purchased for previous iPods and the inability to edit or add calendar items on the touch. In the response, Steve (or more likely, one of his assistants) wrote:

The inability to edit or add calendar events is a bug that will fixed in a future software update.

It is hard to understand how such a bug would occur, since the touch shares much of the underlying code with the iPhone. It is more likely that Apple realized that the intentional crippling of features in order to differentiate the iPhone and the iPod touch upset users. Whatever the truth may be, this is great news for iPod touch users, who had previously resorted to some creative methods to keep calendars.

6 Comments on “Full calendar functionality coming to the iPod touch”

  1. Todd says:

    I doubt very much that it was a bug, unless we consider the backwards and utterly cold product management decision to consciously remove calendar editing from the app for the Touch. I hope this rumor based on an unsubstantiated email from Jobs is true.

  2. Josh Walsh says:

    This story seems fishy to me. It would take a purposeful effort to disable the functionality. If it had occurred in only one circumstance, IE, add button isn’t there, but you can edit events, it would be a different story. It appears they have made consistent changes across the software to disable these functions.

  3. Rick Lohre says:

    I spoke with them this morning and there was no such knowledge of this coming as a fix.
    In fact they reassured me that it would not be coming as the iPod Touch is NOT a PDA, nor was it intended to be (that statement is debateable). But one things for sure, I received no assurance that we should see it in a future upgrade.

  4. Rick Lohre says:

    “Them” above being Apple….

  5. David says:

    That was received by someone like David J Early or something

  6. Nick V says:

    The new touches in the Apple stores already have the ability to edit the calendar I used one last Saturday in Rockaway NJ