mail app on ipod touch

In few easy steps, we will be copying from your iPhone so that you can use it on your iPod touch as well! While it is possible
to obtain without owning an iPhone, it may be illegal to do so because you do not have a license for the mobile

  1. Jailbreak your devices

    Jailbreak your iPhone (instructions coming soon) and your iPod touch (instructions here)

  2. Install SSH and SFTP on both devices

    Install SSH and SFTP on your iPhone and your iPod touch so that you can transfer files from them.

  3. Connect via SFTP to your iPhone

    Use an SFTP client such as Fugu, Fetch, or WinSCP and connect to the iPhone. Navigate to the /Applications directory.

  4. Copy the Mail application from the iPhone

    Drag from the iPhone onto your Desktop.

  5. Connect to your iPod touch via SFTP

    Disconnect from your iPhone and use the same program as in step 3 to connect to your iPod touch. Navigate to the /Applications directory

  6. Copy the Mail application to the iPod touch

    Drag from your Desktop to the iPod touch’s Application folder.

  7. Restart the iPod touch

    Turn the iPod touch off by holding the Lock button (upper right corner) and sliding the red slider when it appears. Turn it back on again by holding the Lock button. Mail should now be on your Springboard!

117 Comments on “How to install on the iPod touch”

  1. magic89 says:

    is there any way I can find these apps because I don’t have an iPhone to download from!

  2. Ben says:

    Can you do this without an iPhone if someone puts the or on the web somewhere?

  3. dillon says:

    So is anyone going to upload the mail app or what?

  4. Gav says:

    Definately… I’ve been searching and cannot find it anywhere. Someone please upload some applications for your fellow iPod Touch owners… “We want Mail… We want Mail…”

  5. Mr. Mac says:

    Yes someone PLEASE upload all these apps to people without iPhones can do this. Also, this hack is easy enough, but how do I get iTunes to sync my mail?

  6. Glenn says:

    Somebody HAS to, nobody want to own an iPhone AND an iPod Touch!

  7. Brian says:

    Uh, is owned by Apple. You can’t just post a copy of it on a web site. If you don’t own an iPhone, you don’t own the right to So you’re either going to have to get it illegally, or wait on something like Thunderbird for the iTouch/iPhone.

  8. max says:

  9. Punk84 says:

    Download the iphone firmware, use google de decrypt it and here is the ;)

  10. kevin says:

    Has anyone got .mac working yet? Would love to see some pics… As moses parted the sea someone open the ipod touch

  11. John says:

    can someone post or e-mail me instructions on how to Install SSH and SFTP on the iPod touch so that i can transfer the app files? once I get that done I just need to connect to the ipod touch, but I cant seem to find anywhere that has instructions on how to install ssh and sftp on the ipod touch.

  12. Trevor says:

    All the iPhone apps are available on oink (a members only torrent site). You have to get invited to download, but they are there for those of you that have an account. Not sure if it works yet. My iPod Touch is on the way!

  13. test says:

    Someone hook up a link for us to return the files Apple took away from our product so we can put them back on.

  14. max says:

    I posted the link already above to a torrent, takes about 30 seconds to download the zip file-

  15. test says:

    ok cool hopefully it’s still up later today when i’m home =)

  16. Zach says:

    So this does not work correct?

  17. paul says:

    that torrent link doesnt work for me..says you ave to be a member..anyone have another one?

  18. max says:

    Odd, I’m not a member and downloaded it just fine.

    I just clicked on ‘Click here to download the torrent’, which goes to this link-

  19. Jack says:

  20. AKZES says:

    Here you guys go, a direct link for all of you!

  21. Jonathan says:

    How do you download ssh and sftp on your ipod touch? If we downloaded the torrent for the mail apps to we still have to?

  22. pinuts75 says:

    The download is ok but stuffit expander (V 10.0) can’t unzip it !!

    another way ?

  23. x_k says:

    thanks Akzes

  24. RN says:

    Can someone please copy the itunes wifi store app folder from the ipod touch and post it on rapidshare?


  25. thorninc says:

    As soon as we’re able to get at it! ;)

  26. Faslane says:

    TOTALY off topic, but I have an iTouch, got it yesterday, and the bleutooth adapter I have on my 5.5G video 80GB DOES work, so I CAN stream music from my iPod touch by plugging this accessory into the bottom port, my sony Xplod Car stereo that has bluetooth & works beautifully. The bluetooth adapter brand is a Scoche Bluetooth adapter for iPod. It is the black one that plugs directly into the iPod’s bottom port where the usb cable goes. so no more tethering through aux input with a wire.

    Just thought I’d post this for everyone considering a iPod Touch. All I could find was a ebay link. there are others available from Jabra and other companies, but this is confirmed working with the new iPod touch 16GB. I went to UTC Mall in San Diego and they had a few in stock early.

    C’mon jailbreak!!!


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  30. Hack the iPod touch! says:

    [...] Blog Hack the iPod touch hat eine Anleitung veröffentlicht, wie man die Mail-Anwendung des iPhones auf den iPod touch übertragen und [...]

  31. Logitechmaster says:


    Is there maybe a youtube video out where we can see how the apps work on the ipod touch?
    If not, please create one =)

  32. QuickLinks vom 24. September bis zum 27. September — says:

    [...] How to install on the iPod touch – [...]

  33. goodfriend says:

    Hello all ,
    I have many favorite dvd and video.
    Some days ago , I want to put them onto my ipod touch , some friends recommend a software to me at
    It works pretty good . I am very glad .

  34. Sniper Squirrel says:

    Hey guys, i seem to be missing the….anyone have a copy they could send me or tell me where i could download from?

  35. Coop says:

    sorry if this sounds kinda noobish, but how do you install ssh and sftp on ipod touch XD
    help would be awesome

  36. Jake says: from 1.0.2 suffers from random crashing while being used on the ipod touch. Can any iPhone owners who jailbreak 1.1.1 post a 1.1.1 copy of for us iPod owners?

  37. Guil says:

    Where can I get the latest 1.1.1 iPhone apps?

  38. dan says:

    Mail just crashing and Maps too. The only thing that works is Weather and Notes…man i want mail to work , what a bummer!

  39. Keule says:

    Can somebody please post the 1.1.1 and with the 1.1.1-Framework and *.bundle please!

  40. Masa says:

    Download via torrent

    iPhone firmware 1.1.1

    Type commands before start app

    chmod -R a+x /Applications/*

  41. mx says:

    some remarks for installation of iphone apps for itouch:
    - there is some hacking involved, achievable by terminal (Term-vt100 app for example)
    - you need to copy all (,, and from /Applications/ on iPhone to /Applications/ on iTouch
    - you NEED to copy GMM.framework from /System/Library/Frameworks/ to the respective dir on your iPhone
    - you NEED to set-up proper rights for the applications; that means:
    [in Terminal]
    cd /Applications/[appname].app/
    chmod -R 644 *
    chmod 755 [appname]
    - then, test it by [still in Terminal] “./[appname]” (without quotes of course)

    [appname] is the application name (eg. “MobileMail”)
    This helped me… if something goes wrong, it will show on the terminal as textual information
    after reboot of the iTouch, applications will appear also on Springboard

    hope it helped :)

  42. mx says:

    - you NEED to copy GMM.framework from /System/Library/Frameworks/ to the respective dir on your iPhone

    I MEANT:
    - you NEED to copy GMM.framework from /System/Library/Frameworks/ (on iPhone) to the respective dir on your __iTouch__

    it’s quite late here (3:26am)… :-)

  43. brad says:

    I tried that, but I still get nothing i can do in mail…

  44. mate says:

    Thank you mx, i succeeded enabling maps, notes, stocks and weather, but i’m still stuck with mobilemail, it just starts up and i get only one button

  45. Jian says:

    You also need settings bundle in


    copied to the respective path on your ipod. Otherwise mail does not work.

  46. Jan says:

    Yep, did it! Works great! All apps are runnin on my Touch V1.1.1. Maps is awesome….Thanks to all !!!

  47. Andy says:

    I’ve jailbraked the Touch, and copied across the apps from the iPhone…but I don’t see them in the launcher. I’ve set the permissions correctly on the application folders – but nothing. All I get is the standard iPod Touch apps.

    I even tried manually editing the Springboard .plist, and I’ve rebooted several times. Any clues ?

  48. brad says:

    Is there any way to change settings for MobileMail, like add email accounts after your first one?

  49. Joe says:

    I moved it over using winSCP, and it’s not appearing on the springboard at all… And whenever I try to do this part:

    “you NEED to set-up proper rights for the applications; that means:
    [in Terminal]
    cd /Applications/[appname].app/
    chmod -R 644 *
    chmod 755 [appname]
    - then, test it by [still in Terminal] “./[appname]” (without quotes of course)”

    I get an error message telling me to run the terminal on a shell session, and then when I start that session it crashes. HELP!!!!

  50. gaetano says:

    how i type the string in the terminal? from the computer or from the touch? (i have windows) i’ve jailbroken the touch a nd installed the apps but i miss to input that string cmod… how i input it?

  51. charles says:

    i cant seem to get Mail working – i got everything else…maps, notes, weather…

    but not mail

    i copied all the settings/preferences bundles over and used the 1.1.1 version of mail from:

    but when i got to Mail it freezes…..

    any idea what may be wrong?

  52. cablefun says:

    i have copied over all the apps to my aplications folder but mail will not work? it loads and then closes straight away, i cannot get the permissions to work when i type cd /Applications/ terminal says /Applications/ No such file or directory??? please help. maps is great but mail is the main app i want

  53. John Faitakes says:

    Did all that, set up account, verifies account, but when I start mail app, it starts to a white screen then goes back to main window of the touch

  54. CM the HD man says:

    Jailbreaked the iPod with iJailbreak 1.0, installed the apps with iNdependence1.2.1, and manually installed the frameworks with my sftp client. But Mail, Maps, Notes and Weather are not working. Appears on the springboard, launch and crashes immediately.

    Any idea ?

  55. Zach G says:

    honestly, no one here has mentioned one specific detail on how this sftp program actually “connects” to the touch and how, step by step you do this. using an application called Fugu for the mac. simple help! anyone!

  56. Zach G says:

    Also, what versions from what are needed to make this work ( i know some of this information is listed above but a compiled version in 1 simple post would make the lives of some many other readers easier.) someone save the day

  57. hoschistyle » Blog Archive » iPod touch mit iPhone-Apps pimpen says:

    [...] findet sich eine detaillierte Anleitung, wie sich die Kastration des iPod touch [...]

  58. cablefun says:

    i have fixed my problem the guide i used was but if you go to their is an automated version. the only way to get mail app to work is to use iphone 1.1.1 apps which can be downloaded from demonoid. all the other iphone apps you will find links to on this site will get everything else working except mail. dont ask how to set permissions, i did not need to do this after i used the proper 1.1.1 iphone apps.

  59. Michel says:

    How can I connect via Fugu to my ipod touch. I used ijailbreak to jailbreak…?

  60. stevo says:

    I cannot get Maps or mail to work correctly, but everything esle works. Anybody have any suggestions?

  61. nickt says:

    Managed to get to the stage where I need to copy accross the mail app to my Applications folder on my Touch but I don’t have one to copy it to! There’s no folder in either Media or Library folders. I’ve tried copying accros the app to the root directory and the Media folder and then rebooted the Touch but the Mail app is not recognised (as are any of the other iPhone apps). Can anyone assist? Thanks

  62. el modulor — iPod Touch, chevere says:

    [...] (Weather) ni con la de manejo de email (Mail), (un poco obvios los nombres, no? jeje), ya existen numerosos hacks para permitirlo. Uno de los mas famosos, que permite instalar cualquier aplicación desarrollada por terceros en el [...]

  63. Masuimi Max says:

    Hey!…Man i just love your blog, keep the cool posts comin..holy Thursday

  64. Symbiotech says:

    This is lame. I did everything it said and the mail, notes, and weather icons appeared but when I click them it opens and then crashes. What do I do?!

    Thanks in advance.

  65. Vistate says:

    Well, I can get as far as entering the preferences into however loading loads -> than jumps back to the main screen.

    when run in terminal the error is “bus error”. maybe it knows your on an ipod and not the iphone.

    any other tricks/ideas?

  66. bz0b says:

    So i tried this, but im not sure do i have to upgrade the firmware to iphone firmware? and if so how do i do that and were do i get it, and can someone write a small tutorial on how to do this.

  67. Paul S says:

    Did everything above except when i run ./MobileMail, it reports a bus error. All my other apps work but when i hit mail it opens, and then closes. Someone wanna tell me whats going on?

  68. Paul S says:

    Well, resetting a few things fixed that error but now it doesn’t load my mail even with appropriate pop settuings. Is there anywhere i can fix that?

  69. Paul S says:

    When i execute ./MobileMail, this pops up:

    MobileMail[102:d03] Couldn’t register with bootstrap server unknown error code (0x44f); failing…
    102: ABORT: Unable to register “” port, 1103 unknown error code

    Anyone got ideas?

  70. Jonathan says:

    Ok I screwed up, I accidentally chmodded 644 * when I was in mu applications folder
    how do I undo this ?

  71. iTouch Geek says:

    If you are not comfortable with all the command line stuff just use a gui tool and do the same thing. Use the installer to add finder and then use the get info command anc change the preferences. You could also then move the files to the correct spots.

  72. leehoss says:

    Need a copy of GMM.framework from iPhone 1.1.1 ……. can anyone get it!

  73. Vistate says:

    absolute success!!!! If you give everything the proper permissions i finally got it to work!! AWSOMW!

  74. Chris says:

    Important Information; If you install the app but it won’t run (or they start to run and bounce you back to the springboard), you probably have problems with the permissions.

    I had the same problem but it was fixed once I used chmod (as described earlier in these comments) to set the proper rights for the applications.

  75. Dan says:

    Does anyone have a current link to the 1.1.1 version of the files? The above links are bad now….

  76. tf23 says:

    Guys, use Fugu to drag and drop the frameworks and preferencebundles.

    I got all the iphone apps running. Along w/ the latest installer and summerboard I’m having a blast. ‘Cept now I’m running out of space. I know I read about how to fix the space issue, but I didn’t bookmark it at the time. Googling for a match got me nothing. Anyone have the info?

  77. Mario says:

    Panic…I’m not able with terminal, I hope files I download are from iphone 1.1.1 (there is a way to check it?), I installed on the touch SSH, but I don’t find SFTP. any way using Fetch I find the itouch but I can’t reach to access to files, witch username I need to use? I tried all refers to me with success, as password I use “alpine” but I also try with the old one and with my personall one without success.

    In this comments mX give important instruction, but I need to operate on the terminal on my Mac?

    Many thanks to help me

  78. Absinthium says:

    OK people. If like me, you’re a complete noob at this kind of thing, you’ll probably appreciate a step-by-step to the Terminal bit. This is MX’s version, but with a bit more information in.

    First of all, open Installer on your phone and install Term-vt100. Exit Installer, let your phone sort itself out, then unlock and load Term-vt100 from Springboard.

    It comes up with a Terminal screen on your iphone, and you enter the following:

    login root
    [When prompted for password] alpine
    cd /Applications/
    chmod 644 *
    chmod 755 /Applications/

    Presuming you’ve SFTP’d the bits and bobs across to the right folders then MobileMail will launch properly, and now when you load it from Springboard you’ll get the correct opening screen instead of the blank, grey one.

    Also, many thanks to MX for your original tutorial, I just modified it a bit for eejits like me =)


  79. yoeman says:

    upon the teminal test ./Mobile Mail I get a zch bus eror, the maill application crashes as soon as I try to start it, thank you fr any tips to fix that

  80. nyrablu7 says:

  81. Masuimi Max says:

    Hello webmaster…Man i just love your blog, keep the cool posts comin..holy Thursday

  82. dwm says:

    Does not work any longer for 1.1.2 mail app loads. checks mail. then quits to home screen.

  83. Spike says:

    on a mac,download Ijailbreak. It comes with all the iPhone .app files.

  84. mikey D says:

    THE CONFIRMED MOST EASY AS PIE way to get all of this shit to work!!!! No ftp or anything!
    Mail app, weather, google maps confirmed working!

    1) Go to installer -> sources. Click on EDIT (top right). Then click on ADD (top left).
    Enter this url: “” and click OK. Next click DONE.

    2) Go to install. and browse to “iPhone 1.1.1 Apps for iTouch” or to “iPhone 1.1.2 Apps for iTouch” depending on what version you have.

    3) Install “Mobile Mail Prep” and “Mobile Mail” (plus any other app you may want )

    4) Reboot……………….look for it…………OMG it’s there!………start up the mail app…………OMG,OMG,OMG IT WORKS!!!!! it was so easy, no ftp-ing crap or copy of iphone or anything…….

    5) Celebrationnnnnnnnn bitches!!!!!

  85. Masuimi Max says:

    Hello…Man i love reading your blog, interesting posts ! it was a great Monday

  86. Vinicius says:

    What do the chmod command means? What it do??

  87. Vinicius says:

    And what about this numbers??

  88. Christian Decker says:

    I too get a bus error when starting MobileMail from the shell, and if I start it from the SummerBoard it opens and closes right again. Any solution?

  89. steveeP says:

    mikey D, I followed your instructions and it works! Fantastic! Thanks very much.

  90. Jinx says:

    Thanks Mikey D; works like a charm

  91. REMAN says:


  92. Justin says:

    I just Jailbroke my Ipod touch.
    took me long enough to find a 1.1.1 firmware that didnt unzip by itself when it finished downloading.
    I put customize 1.18 on my ipod running jailbroken 1.1.1
    every time i open it, it crashes
    any ideas of how i can fix this or where there is a patch?

    This Place ROCKS!!!

  93. scott says:

    Same problem as Paul S

    When i execute ./MobileMail, this pops up:

    MobileMail[60:d03] Couldn’t register with bootstrap server unknown error code (0×44f); failing…
    60: ABORT: Unable to register “” port, 1103 unknown error code

    On this point, the accoutns that I enter ever seem to get saved and so my prefs don’t show up. App seems otherwise stable except of the accoutns never seem to stick…

    Little help?


  94. jeff says:


  95. - Igor’s Blog » Blog Archive » Дальнейшая заточка хакнутого айпода says:

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  96. Geoff Hill says:

    Also a bus error. Using 1.1.2 with tons of free space in the root partition.

  97. Sharko says:

    I managed to connect to my iPod touch with Fetch via SFTP. Now Fetch asks for a username and password of my iPod touch. Where can I find resp. generate these information.
    Thank you for your answer in advance!

  98. michael voigt says:

    This one worked perfect for me >>>

    THE CONFIRMED MOST EASY AS PIE way to get all of this shit to work!!!! No ftp or anything!
    Mail app, weather, google maps confirmed working!

    1) Go to installer -> sources. Click on EDIT (top right). Then click on ADD (top left).
    Enter this url: “” and click OK. Next click DONE.

    2) Go to install. and browse to “iPhone 1.1.1 Apps for iTouch” or to “iPhone 1.1.2 Apps for iTouch” depending on what version you have.

    3) Install “Mobile Mail Prep” and “Mobile Mail” (plus any other app you may want )

    4) Reboot……………….look for it…………OMG it’s there!………start up the mail app…………OMG,OMG,OMG IT WORKS!!!!! it was so easy, no ftp-ing crap or copy of iphone or anything…….

    5) Celebrationnnnnnnnn bitches!!!!!

  99. long says:

    how do i set up the mail? cauz its really hard to find the incoming and outcoming sever

  100. Scorpiarider says:

    a little help!!!!! i downloaded the 1.1.1 mail app for ipod touch…and i got it on my screen. BUT I CAN’T REGISTER MY YAHOO EMAIL ACCOUNT!!! i put the correct information in…but it says the user name or the password do not match with!!!!! helppppppp

  101. justin says:

    long – mail setup is in the preferences from the main menu, you know, where you turn the wifi on and off….

    sharko – username is root and password is alpine

  102. Paul says:

    Hi Justin

    Thanks for answering long’s (and my) question before I asked it!

    Guess I’m not thinking OS X…

    Best regards


  103. Andrew says:

    Lol, the confirmation code was ipow. Ooooh!! So close to ipod. That would’ve been funny lol.

  104. mikey d fan says:

    MIKEY D IS made of 100% all natural awesome!!!
    Werks like a charm

  105. Mail Client for iPod touch? - Page 2 - MacNN Forums says:

    [...] And you can install from an iPhone onto an iPod Touch. Linktastic. [...]

  106. Dtwweeezy says:

    mikey d you are a legend for that one

  107. dave says:

    Mikey D – you rock – thanks!!!!!

  108. Leo218 says:

    Uh, I’m having the same problem that Scorpiarider’s having.. ” I put the correct information in…but it says the user name or the password do not match with!” Any ideas on what’ll fix this? I’ve got several email accounts but none of them will go through and the same error message keeps coming up. Any and all help is appreciated! THanks, guys!


  109. Lester says:

    How do you excpet us to get this! We want the mail app for a reason!
    or else we would have gotten the iphone!!
    this is the whole reason why we are tryin to get this progam!
    i Mean who’s acutcally going to own both?

  110. Brenton says:

    I’m having trouble getting sources to show up in the install list. I have added, and it goes under “Uncategorized”, but the apps that it is supposed to provide never show up in the installer. Any help? I’ve tried another source, and the same thing happens. It’s the “markmon” one that is supposed to provide NES ROMs

  111. eermin says:

    hmmm… michaels source url does not work with my installer. I have got firmware 1.12. but when i enter his source ( into my installer, it is listed in “uncategorized” and i cannot find the apps in “install”.
    what shall I do?


  112. Guillermo says:

    The site has changed, is not: “” but “”

  113. Drew says:

    For those of you who are trying to download the Apps via the Installer with Mikey D’s method: YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THE SOURCE URL TO FOR IT TO WORK.


  114. raj says:

    Michael’s source URL is now changed to a new site. The new source URL address for the Installer is

  115. Jarada says:

    The source has moved. Use “” instead for (1) above.

  116. Jarada says:

    Oh, and for you people experiencing problems with Yahoo! Mail, point 7 of the following FAQ answers all your questions…

  117. charles says:

    they have a new address. instead of add to your sources