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In case you are currently without an iPod touch, want to give one as a gift, or are looking to upgrade to the latest generation, there is no better time than Black Friday. Amazon has some excellent prices this year, along with their usual tax-free purchases for most states and free shipping:

DrawRace just appeared on the Top Paid iTunes Apps in the App Store, and so I took a look at it, noticed the introductory price of $1 and bought it there and then…


Name: DrawRace
Developer: RedLynx Ltd
Price: $0.99 (59p)
Size: 15.5 MB
Version: 1.0.5


The game is based on racing. You have to draw your racing line for your car, to get optimum speed an beat the opponent, whether its a CPU or a fellow human being.

When the game loads, you’re greeted with this menu, and if you’ve got your sound turned on, a very 1990s arcade music – The same type you’d hear if you got on a racing game at an Amusements Arcade somewhere. You might also hear it on the NES…


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Quick notice that the iPhone Dev Team, especially MuscleNerd, has been hard at work for the last week getting things ready for the 3.0 release. Today they finally released the last tools needed to say ‘All 3.0 Device (excluding 3GS for obvious reasons) Jailbreaks Released’. RedSn0w has been updated to version 0.7 and now supports all devices, except the iPhone 3GS. It can even unlock the original iPhone. You can find more info about RedSn0w at the official dev team blog post located here and more information about the 3G unlock and miscellaneous 3.0 information, check out their blog post here.

Update: Nickolopodopodus informs me that I made a slight mistake. Redsn0w is at version 0.7.1., not 0.7. ThanksĀ Nickolopodopodus!

As far as the functionality of Mac OS X applications go, DropZone rates highly in my eyes. It takes the, already quite useful, Dock and makes it that little bit better..

The name “DropZone” wasn’t the most… imaginative name possible! The app opens as an icon on the dock, and the user litteraly drops files onto the dock icon. After dropping particular files, a menu will appear giving the user options for what to do with these files.

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Some of you will have bought the Tweetie app for iPhone – But did you know that Monday the 20th brought the release of Tweetie for the Mac? Check out this video for all of the features and extras.


hsecurityheadThe folks over at Hackulous, makers of Installous (the most common cracked application installer), have released a new application that is 100% legal (to everyone except Apple’s standards of course) and is helpful. Hackulous Security is the first actual third party firewall created for the iPhone OS. It’s main intent was to block out phishing sites claiming to be Hackulous, but it will also filter out Cydia/Installer Repositories that have proven to be malicious as websites that may contain and iPhone OS Virus. It’s great to see that even hackers from ‘the darker side’, for lack of a better word, are thinking of everyone here. Hackulous Security should become standard in the iPhone OS because of it’s capabilities. There are many websites aimed to harming iPhone/iPod Touch users by use of viruses (which there have quite a few attempts) and phishing websites geared for iPhone OS viewing. To install the firewall yourself, you must have a jailbroken device, and then add http://cydia.hackulous.us to your sources. Search for Hackulous Security and make sure to keep it updated!

ROOT9′s popular Pingu Throw game — Yetisports — is now available in the App Store. For the price of $2.99, you get four different modes and 9 difficulties of flying penguins. Using the accelerometer, guide a penguin as he flies throw the air (reminds me of Kitty Kannon). “It costs $2.99, but it is extremely addictive” claims iPod touch Fans’ user Shaq.

Official description: Yeti and Penguin are back! For the first time, the ill-assorted couple is taking off on the iPhone. After being kicked around for years, the Penguin finally gets to fly! Use the iPhone’s motion sensor to maneuver him through 27 stages of new gameplay. Follow a given flight path to collect all the bonus items in each level and chase the daily and global records!

One of the patent diagrams that Apple has recently published, shown above, illustrates a front-facing video camera (labelled 180). This would allow for video-chat and possibly the ability to record and store videos on future iPhones. Most other mobile phones have had this ability for years, so the iPhone would only be playing catch-up.

For you Mac users, Terminal may or may not be something you use on a day to day basis. But Terminal does have some cool features that can be used to amuse your friends or just help speed things up a little. Here’s a few of our favourites.

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